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the black doula birthing liberation sabia c wade kitara yoni steaming

Birthing Liberation & Systemic Change

Today’s interview is with Sabia Wade. I first connected with Sabia several years ago when I learned of their various initiatives in support of black maternal health several years ago. Sabia’s organization, For the Village, does incredible work for marginalized birthing groups. It is beautifully aligned with the mission of...

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madam cj fibroids womb stories project kitara yoni steaming

Healing Fibroids Naturally: Yoni Steaming and Holistic Health

Today’s interview is with Madam CJ who has a dynamic, bold, and compelling story of womb healing. She also celebrates her use of yoni steaming to support her fibroid release and passing fibroids naturally. In this episode, Madam CJ also shares her journey of connecting to her innate and natural beauty...

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C-Section Birth Trauma Yoni Steaming Kitara

C-Section and Birth Trauma Healing with Yoni Steaming

Steaming for post-partum recovery is often only spoken about for vaginal deliveries, but Blaney booked a steam session to heal from her c-section. She was also seeking support in her recovery from obstetric violence. Today, we will go into what obstetric violence means, and how that term supports women by...

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Endometriosis and yoni steaming

Healing Endometriosis with Yoni Steaming

  Your menstrual time is supposed to be a sacred moment of the month, but for so many women, that time comes with pain. This is especially true for women who live with endometriosis. Today’s guest comes to bring hope to women who may be struggling with endometriosis. Today’s interview...

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gyn yoni steaming is it safe?

Yoni Steaming meets Western Gynecology with Dr. Laurena White, OB-GYN

  Dr Laurena White is a western trained doctor who grew up in a home where herbs were medicine too. Many times women have sought medical care for their uterine and womb health and are presented only the option of surgery or birth control. So today we have a spacious...

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Tig Notaro Womb Stories Project V Steaming

Authentic Expression with Tig Notaro

    Comic, actor, director, podcast host, and my dear sister-in-law. Tig is acclaimed for her honesty, and ability to bring her insightful humor to reflect on the most difficult moments of her life. It was an honor to have Tig on the show, because of the impact she has...

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What I've Learned Teaching One Thousand Vaginal Steam Practitioners

What I've Learned Teaching One Thousand Vaginal Steam Practitioners

    This is the first episode in a sub-series of Womb Stories Project called “Steam Stories”. I can’t get over the powerful feedback I have received on the power of steaming. Pelvic pain has been heavily normalized by modern medicine along with many other abnormalities that can show up...

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Anita Kopacz Yoni Steaming Sex Magic Kitara Womb Stories Project

Unlocking Your Womb Healing Story with Anita Kopacz

Anita and I first connected on a podcast episode towards the end of 2015, where I was interviewing people about pleasure, and she talked about some of her trauma work. She helped me to understand another dimension of how to understand the victim and survivor story. This changed the course...

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V Steam Yoni Steaming Women are Magic

Womb Stories Project: Trailer

Womb Stories Project - A New Podcast! Listen on iTunes If you are excited about our new project, please leave a review for Womb Stories! Your review will help others find our show and our community and we are so appreciate of your love and support.  About the new podcast - Womb...

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