Shipping and Return Policies

Kitara is a mighty but small company. 

Our policies are designed to best support our community whilst honoring our capabilities at this early stage in Kitara's development. 

We aim to offer exemplary customer service and thank you for your support. 

RETURN POLICY: We are unable to accept returns or process cancellations or exchanges. 

For the safety and satisfaction of our community, we ensure that all customers receive brand-new products. Thank you so much, we appreciate you and your understanding. 

Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping. 

Special note about our glass yoni steam pot: This glass is tested to extreme heat and if intact will not break on your burner. However, the pot is made of glass. So if you drop it in the sink, travel with it regularly, etc it may become damaged. Once it has a crack, it is no longer safe for use and that crack will expand on the burner. So please take extra care of your glass pot. We will absolutely replace it if it is damaged in shipping but we are unable to offer replacements after 3 weeks of delivery. 


After I place my order, when can I expect it to be shipped? We aim to ship within 2-5 business days of receiving your order.

Occasionally, we will need to take a few consecutive days off for travel and/or rest. If our orders are processing out more than 2-5, we will place an alert on the banner at the top of our site explaining the next shipping date. 

Any live pre-orders will ship out after the date on the product listing. 

What shipping carrier do you use? Our primary shipping partner is UPS, which does not ship to P.O. Boxes. However, for customers in Hawaii we are able to ship via USPS. 

Do you ship to P.O. Boxes? Generally, we are not able to ship to P.O. Boxes. However, for customers in Hawaii we are able to ship to P.O. Boxes using USPS. 

What if I enter my address incorrectly or am not able to receive my package? Please double check your address is entered correctly and plan for the arrival of your package accordingly. If your package is returned to Kitara for these reasons, customers will be expected to cover any additional shipping costs for resending the package. 

Do you ever offer free shipping? Yes! When we offer deals for free shipping they will be announced on the banner at the top of our website. 


Where does Kitara ship yoni steam seats? Kitara offers worldwide shipping for our two collapsible yoni steam seats. We have already sent yoni steam seats to over twenty countries including Australia, Canada, and all over Europe: England, France, Spain, Slovenia and beyond! 

Does Kitara ship yoni steam herbs, herbal teas and yoni steam accessories internationally? Unfortunately, we are not able to offer international shipping on items other than our collapsible yoni steam seats. 

Are there additional costs for international shipping? Possibly. We ask our international customers to please check their country's customs policy and take responsibility for any additional costs and fees.

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