All Inclusive Yoni Steam Set-ups


Yoni Steam Savings Bundles include a Handmade Yoni Steam Seats, a Safe Yoni Steam Pot, and a Burner, plus savings too!

Kitara Yoni Steam Seats Feature:

  • Premium Birch and Solid Red Cedar Woods
  • Handles or collapsibility for ease of portability
  • Lids with elongated diamond openings - allowing steam to reach from vulva to anus
  • Finished and protected by 100% Tung Oil (all natural and toxin-free)
  • Tested up to 350lbs
  • 14in x14in x 14in, Functional and Comfortable

Handmade Yoni Steam Seats

Kitara's Yoni Steam Seats are also sold separately. Handmade by Women in Maine with Love.

Next Level Experience

"I wish I bought the yoni steam pot and the burner sooner!

Oh my goodness, I just have to say, my yoni steam experience with this little pot and the burner is just NEXT LEVEL. I've had some challenges with consistency because it was kind of a pain in the ass to do it on the stove and bring it upstairs... and then it's not hot for very long... I am SO excited to have this new professional set-up working for me. Thank you SO much Kitara!"

- Stephanie B. South Carolina


Organic Yoni Steam Herbs

Kitara's Custom Yoni Steam Blends are Always Organic and Hand Blended with Love.

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