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Collapsible Yoni Steam Savings Bundle

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Pot Type: Mint Enamel Yoni Steam Pot


Easy storage, convenient travel, and everything you need for safe yoni steaming.

Includes: Kitara's Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat + Yoni Steam Pot of your choice + Burner (plus a free tote bag too!)

*Save $20 compared to purchasing items separately*

Kitara Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat

For those who live in cozy quarters and vaginal steam practitioners who are on the go, this new collapsible yoni steam seat perfectly meets your needs. It folds up for easy storage and comes with a beautiful tote bag too. 

Kitara's Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat brings safety, ease, and comfort to your in-home vaginal steam practice. Beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and great value,  Kitara's Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat is made in Maine by women with love.  Key Design Features for Easy Use:

Kitara's Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat allows women and yoni-bodied folks to sit comfortably above their steam pot of heated water and herbs. Design elements include:

  • A solid red cedar top that is removable for the accessible placement of your yoni steam pot with water and herbs. Elongated diamond opening for the steam to optimally reach all parts of the pelvic floor. 
  • Custom openings to allow the sauna to work with or without the use of an optional burner. This includes an opening for the burner’s cord as well as an opening for quick and easy temperature adjustments. 
  • Collapsible and fits sweetly into our new Kitara tote bag. 

Materials: The Kitara sauna yoni box is made of beautiful birch sides and an aromatic red cedar top. It's finished with a loving coat of 100% tung oil (all-natural and toxin-free).

Dimensions: For ease of use this saunas packs up and fits inside our new tote bag that is 14.9" H x 18.5" W x 4.7" L.1 When assembled the yoni steam seat is 14in x 14in x 14in. Perfect for cozy homes and tight quarters.     

HANDMADE WITH NATURAL WOOD, EXPECT LOVING VARIATION: Just like each red cedar and birch tree is unique, each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is too. Expect the color and grain of the wood to be particular and special to your sauna. 

Kitara sauna vaginal steam seats are made in a picturesque woodworking shop on a stunning farm in Maine. They are designed and built by women and each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is assembled with expertise, loving intention, and heartfelt gratitude.

Assembly: Check out this 30-second video for instructions on quick and easy assembly.  


NEW Enamel and Wood Custom Yoni Steam Pot - White or Pink

After nearly a year in development, these beauties are intentionally designed and made specifically to support you and your yoni steam practice.


An enamel yoni steam pot with custom wooden handles and top knob for wonderful ease of use while yoni steaming at home. Artwork honoring the yoni steam practice with the illumination of the Diving Feminine, the womb's relationship with the moon, and the herbs and plants as medicine.  

Available in White with multi-color design or Pink with white design. 

Enamel Yoni Steam Pot - Mint

Beautiful, Safe, & Easy to Use - perfect for yoni steaming! The Kitara Yoni Steam Pot is a lovely pastel-colored mint and is made of safe enameled steel. It comes with an enameled steel lid with a stainless steel rim.

Add style and simplicity to your vaginal steam practice with this super cute pot: 

  • Durable
  • Quality enameled steel 
  • Suitable for most types of stoves
  • Heats up quickly and evenly 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Non-microwave-safe 

Dimensions: Fits perfectly inside your Kitara Yoni Steam Sauna/ Seat

  • 2.1qt (2L)/ 9.25'' x 5.71'' x 9.25'' (23.5 x 14.5 x 23.5 cm) 

Brentwood Burner for Kitara Steam Sauna/Seat

Simplicity & Ease. Skip the extra steps and hassle of heating water on the stove. Opt instead to add simplicity and ease to your yoni steam set-up with this easy-to-adjust Brentwood burner. 

Works perfectly with the design of The Kitara Steam Sauna/ Seat. 

Suitable for all steam set-ups*:

For a 10 Minute Mild Steam Set-up: Use the burner to heat your water and herbs in preparation for your yoni steam. 

For a 30 Minute Advanced Steam Set-up: Use the burner to both prepare and sustain the heat of your yoni steam. 

*Read about Mild and Advanced Vaginal Steam Set-ups. 

Product Description: 

Brentwood TS-322 Electric Single Burner, Fast-Heat Up, Cast Iron Heating Element, 1000 Watts Power, Thermostat Regulated Variable Temperature Control, White
Produces adjustable, even heat
Features a power indicator light, Small and lightweight design takes up little counter space, Easy to clean

Key Features
Fast-Heat Up, Cast Iron Heating Element
Durable, Easy to Clean Powdered Housing
Power Light Indicator, Non-Slip Feet
Even-Heat Distribution, Adjustable Heat
Small, Lightweight Design

Item UPC Code: 857749002174
Power: 1000w
Item Weight: 2 lbs
Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10" x 10.75" x 3.5"

Love yourself, treat yourself, enjoy yourself. 

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Pot Type: Mint Enamel Yoni Steam Pot

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Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home
Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home