Yoni Steaming

What is yoni steaming?

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal/womb/pelvic/v steaming,  is the practice of sitting, kneeling, or squatting over heated water to expose the pelvic region, ideally from vulva to anus, to the healing properties of steam. Often, particular herbs are chosen to use inside the steam pot to offer additional support for specific ailments.

How does yoni steaming work?

The premise behind yoni steaming is that the practice works to support the natural cleanse of the uterus. The root cause of most menstrual problems and uterine ailments is some form of stagnation. By supporting the release of stagnation and fostering the environment for an optimal and complete monthly cleanse, through yoni steaming  it may be possible to address the root causes of all sorts of symptoms ranging from menstrual cramps to infertility to fibroids to postpartum stagnation and more. For more information about how yoni steaming works for specific benefits, please see our page on the benefits of yoni steaming here.

What are the benefits of yoni steaming?

There are many potential benefits of yoni steaming and reasons to yoni steam include: 

Yoni Steaming for Painful Periods, Cramps, and PMS

Yoni Steaming for Fertility

Yoni Steaming for Postpartum

Yoni Steaming for Fibroids and Cysts

Yoni Steaming for Yeast Infections and BV

Yoni Steaming for Enometriosis

Yoni Steaming for Menarche and First Periods

Yoni Steaming for Per-menopause

Yoni Steaming for Menopause

Yoni Steaming for Increased Libido

Yoni Steaming for Miscarraige

Yoni Steaming for Abortion

Yoni Steaming for Ancestral Connection

Yoni Steaming for Trauma Healing 

Yoni Steaming for Labor Preparation

Yoni Steaming for After Hysterectomy

Should I work with a Vaginal Steam Practitioner?

We always recommend working with a trained and trust vaginal steam practitioner, particularly at the start of a yoni steam practice.

Kitara’s 1:1 yoni steam consultations are provided by Zaire Sabb, the in-house Yoni Steam Practitioner at Kitara.

Zaire is highly qualified, holding an Advanced Certification in Vaginal Steaming, and is also a Registered Nurse, Herbalist, Midwife, and Birth/Postpartum Doula.

Her 90-minute Womb Healing Virtual Consultations offer a blend of professional medical knowledge and traditional holistic practices, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized experience for each client.

Book a Yoni Steam Consultation Here.

Ensuring the safety and efficacy of your yoni steam practice requires careful consideration of which herbs are safe and best for you and your body, how long is safe for you to steam, what is best for you to wear, and which days of your menstrual cycle will be critical for you to steam.

The information provided throughout our website is intended to offer a foundation for understanding the basics of your yoni steam practice. This is an accompaniment, not a replacement, for our strong recommendation to start your practice under the consultation of a trained and trusted practitioner through a 1:1 yoni steam consultation.

A note on language: The reason we recommend consulting a "trained and trusted practitioner" is because there are wise and powerful yoni steam experts who have learned the practice through direct connection to their lineage. These healers may not have a “certification” per se but that doesn't make them less qualified. In fact, these healers may carry a unique transmission of the medicine beyond what can be taught through traditional academic study.

If you choose to work with an experiential practitioner, someone who has studied the methodology of steaming, please consider their certification and inquire that they have taken modules specific to your ailments and intentions for steaming.

Is yoni steaming just another wellness fad?

You may have first heard of yoni steaming from a celebrity like Gyneth Paltrow, Chrissy Teigen, or Jada Pinkett Smith. The press loves jumping in with myths and falsehoods about yoni steaming every time someone famous is seen yoni steaming. For more information check out our post on misogynistic myths about vaginal steaming. 

The truth is that yoni steaming is an ancient practice with roots in all lands on Earth. There are historical documents and modern day practices showcasing the practices use throughout the globe including South Korea, the Netherlands, Iran, New Zealand, Haiti, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, St Kitt’s, Kenya, Lithuania, Columbia, Dominican Republic, Ghana, Syria, Nicaragua, Poland, Zimbabwe, Congo, Eritrea, Philippines, Romania, Laos, Sweden, Cambodia, Singapore, Iraq, Angola, Somalia, Namibia, Morocco, England, India, China, Chez Republic, Thailand, France…! 

Explore a detailed Vaginal Steam World Map world created by our friend Keli Garza of Steamy Chick. 

Kitara delights in sending out yoni steam seats to homes all over the world. Our yoni steam seats and yoni steam herbs are now used in womb loving homes in all 50 US states, and 22 countries worldwide including England, Japan, Australia, Iraq, France, Spain, Slovenia, Austria, Canada, and beyond. 

Do you think my vagina needs cleaning?! Is this like a douche?

As our founder says, "Your Vagina is NOT Dirty." (Check out the post for more information on the difference between cleaning and cleansing).

The key reason yoni steaming may offer a wide variety of benefits is because the steam, partnered with suitable herbs, supports the natural cleanse of the uterus.

Just like we do breath-work to support the cleanse of the lungs, drink detox teas to support the cleanse of the liver, exfoliate to support the cleanse of our skin, we steam to support the cleanse of the uterus. As a vital organ, she is just as worthy of extra love and care. Even in this toxic world, she deserves to function optimally too!

Our yoni steam practice invites us into intimacy with our natural rhythms, cycles, and delightful smells. We celebrate yoni steaming from a place of deep reverence and devotion to the female body.

As we consider this approach it helps to explain why so many women and yoni bodied folk report a variety of benefits of yoni steaming.

What do OBGYN’s say about yoni steaming?

The origins of Western Gynecology are rooted in the management of symptoms through surgical interventions and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Therefore, it is rare that an OB/GYN has any training or experience with yoni steaming. It is common for people, even doctors, to be fearful and judgmental of that which they do not know. However, this leads to the unfortunate creation and perpetuation of myths from some OB/GYN’s who say yoni steaming is not safe or even harmful. 

Some OB/GYN’s do have experience with yoni steaming. They have a yoni steam practice themselves and/or work with their patients on yoni steaming protocols. These OB/GYN’s often also have an appreciation of midwifery practices and herbalism, and tend to focus on addressing the root cause of ailments as well as symptom management. 

OB/GYN’s with first hand knowledge and training in yoni steaming are helping to breakdown the myths and misconceptions about yoni steaming and are important women’s health advocates.  

Relevant Articles: 

Is yoni steaming different from yoni pearls?

Yes. Yoni steaming is an entirely different practice from the use of yoni pearls.

Yoni steaming is a gentle practice. Herbs are put in the yoni steam pot, they infuse with the water through heat, and their healing properties are carried into the body via the gentle steam. When yoni steaming, different herbal blends are used depending on the ailments and intentions of the person steaming. Learn more about Kitara’s Organic Yoni Steam Herbs here.  

Yoni Pearls are a bundle of herbs that is directly inserted into the vaginal canal.

Kitara's founder and team do not have training or experience with the use of yoni pearls.

At Kitara, we study, embrace, and resonate with the practice of yoni steaming. We invite our community towards the practices that most align for them on their womb health and healing journeys. We encourage folks to trust their inner knowing of the womb space and to work with trained and trusted practitioners as they embark on new healing modalities. 

Yoni Steaming at Home

How do I yoni steam at home?

To safely yoni steam at home, you will first want to consider what you would like included in your set-up.

Your Yoni Steam Seats and Set-ups:

There are a variety of ways to position oneself over the steam. Kitara honors that some folks might want to try the practice before purchasing a yoni steam set-up or yoni steam seat. Our founder has created a video, How to Steam without a Special Seat, to help you navigate the earliest steams of your journey with a yoni steam practice.

Kitara also offers safe and super cute yoni steam pots. It is important to choose a pot that is made of enamel, glass, or stainless steel and is free of non-stick or any coating. Please avoid plastic as we don’t want any chemicals to interfere with the benefits of yoni steaming.

If you are choosing to yoni steam with herbs please always use organic yoni steam herbs and check that they are most aligned yoni steam herbs for you and your body at this time. Kitara offers a Free Yoni Steam Herb Quiz here.

Safety: Can yoni steaming cause burns?

Safety is our top priority and we never want anyone to get burned, ever. However, the truth is that yes, of course you can burn yourself while sitting over heated water... Just like you can burn yourself cooking pasta, taking a shower, or curling your hair...
Just as you know how to do those things safely, with attention and care it possible to yoni steam safely. 

Key Steps for Yoni Steaming Safely, Always:

Before sitting over the heat, test the temperature level by hovering your hand over the steam. If it feels even the slightest bit too hot, wait for it to cool. Repeat until the temperature feels gentle and soothing. 

More slowly and mindfully as you sit over the steam. If at any point you feel it is too hot, stand up and wait for the steam to cool further. The steam should always feel gentle and soothing. 

Listen to and be in relationship with your body. Just because the temperature of the heat at a certain level was gentle one day, doesn’t mean that is the right temperature for you for your next steam. Be mindful of your relationship to the heat level in the present moment and always stand up as soon as you think, “Hmm, this is maybe too hot.”

In Patriarchy, these seemingly simple considerations may actually be surprisingly complex. Check out our video Don't Get Burned, for a discussion between Kitara’s founder and a guest teacher about navigating the disconnection from your body that may lead you to override your intuition and even suppress your instincts.

Contraindications: What is is not safe to yoni steam?

There are times when it is not safe to yoni steam, these include:

  • It is not safe to yoni steam during pregnancy. Steam may open the cervix, which is not safe during pregnancy.
  •  It is not safe to yoni steam while menstruating. During the monthly bleed/ period the uterine arteries are open and as steam may increase blood flow, it is not safe to yoni steam while bleeding fresh red blood.

  • It is not safe to yoni steam if you are prone to or are experiencing spontaneous bleeding, bleed in-between periods, or have two periods per month. Yoni steam may increase blood flow.  If you have these experiences please work with a trained and trusted practitioner to ensure that you follow a safe yoni steaming schedule catered to these particular considerations. 

  • It is not safe to yoni steam in extremely hot weather. Yoni steaming warms the body and in circumstances of extremely hot weather, it is not advised. If you are in a climate with extremely hot weather however you also have access to cooling systems to allow your body to be a mild or moderate temperature during your yoni steam, it may safe to yoni steam. If you choose to yoni steam in these circumstances, please remember to take extra consideration of hydration, rest, and relaxation after your yoni steam. 

  • It is not safe to yoni steam when trying to conceive, after ovulation. Yoni steaming supports the natural cleansing mechanisms of the uterus. When trying to conceive, after ovulation we are not looking to cleanse. Instead we are seeking to foster a safe and secure process of fertilization and implementation. This is why it is not safe to yoni steam after ovulation and before menstruation/ confirmation that you are not pregnant. While actively trying to conceive, please only yoni steam during your follicular phase (in- between menstruation and ovulation) and do not steam after ovulation, insemination, or IUI/IVF transfer until menstruation or you are confident that you are not pregnant.

  • It is not safe to steam when using certain procedures and interventions for birth control. Yoni steaming may cause the reversal of the following procedures and interventions: Endometrial Ablation, Tubal Cauterization, Essure, and the patch hormonal birth control that prevents pregnancy by thickening the uterine lining. If you are using any of these methods of birth control, please back them up before yoni steaming.
What herbs should I use for yoni steaming?
Can I re-use my yoni steam herbs?

Yes, you can re-use your yoni steam herbs. For this, for the first yoni steam, put the herbs in a tea bag. Cook them for 10 minutes and then remove the tea bag with herbs inside with a slotted spoon and place in a bowl. Put the bowl with the tea bag in it in the fridge. Then you can re-use them once more within 24-36hrs. 


  • Re-using herbs is particularly helpful for those on a robust yoni steaming protocol such as yoni steaming for fibroids or yoni steaming for fertility.
  • Kitara's yoni steam herbs are packaged for 12 individual/one-time yoni steams. If you are re-using your herbs, you could get 24 yoni steams from each Kitara yoni steam herb pouch.
How long should I yoni steam for?

There are two standard lengths for yoni steaming: 

1) A mild 10 minute yoni steam

2) An advanced 30 minute yoni steam.

Please choose the mild 10 minute yoni steaming if you experience any of the following sensitivities:

  • This is your first time steaming.
  • You are prone to shorter cycles, 27 days or less.
  • You are prone to infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes).
  •  You have indications of excess heat in the body (yoni dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, etc)
  • You are under the age of 13
  •  You are prone to fresh red spotting/ trickle bleeding.
  • Remember, never steam while currently bleeding fresh red blood or if you have a herstory of spontaneous bleeding or 2 periods per month.

Please choose the advanced thirty minute yoni steam only after determining that you do NOT have any of the sensitivities listed above. 

For the advanced thirty minute yoni steam, you can sustain the heat by keeping the burner on throughout your steam. Please be sure to monitor the heat so it is always gentle, comfortable, and safe.

A note to those prone to shorter cycles: If you had experienced shorter cycles, 27 days and less, but through steaming achieve a consistent 28 day cycle, please stick with mild ten minute yoni steams. If you have been prone to shorter cycles, you do not "advance" to longer steams.

Yoni teaming for longer than 30 minutes per session is not recommended.

Which days of my menstrual cycle should I yoni steam?

Yoni Steaming under guidance of a trained and trusted practitioner is important for knowing exactly which days are best for you to yoni steam. Here are some general guidelines for your general education.

Day 1 of your cycle is the first day of your menstrual bleed.

General Yoni Steaming Schedule: 

For strong cycles of 28 days or longer, please consider yoni steaming three days before your bleed (but not necessarily immediately before) and the three days immediately following the end of your bleed. For instance, in a 28 day cycle you would yoni steam on day 23, 24, 25, and the three days immediately following then the end of your monthly bleed.

For shorter and varied cycles that include months where there are 27 days or less between bleeds, please consider yoni steaming three days before your bleed (but at least three days before you expect to bleed) and the three days immediately following the end of your bleed. For instance, in a 21 day cycle you would yoni steam on day 15, 16, 17, then rest until you bleed, and then the three days immediately following the end of your monthly bleed. Please use the Kitara's Organic Rejuvenate Strengthening Blend.

Yoni Steaming in Post Menopause: Yoni steaming in rhythm with the moon is a wonderful way to experience connection with your cyclical body and the cosmos in your wisest phase of life.

Yoni Steaming for Fibroids and Cysts:

Please work with a trained and trusted practitioner. You will likely steam every other day, or if safe for you, daily. Other critically important holistic considerations include dietary choices movement, and sleep. Please also see Kitara’s article Fibroids & Non-Surgical Healing.

Yoni Steaming for Fertility and Conception:

Please work with a trained and trusted practitioner. Supporting your balanced and optimum menstrual cycle is the best way to support your fertility. I suggest adopting an appreciation of two phases of your yoni steam practice for conception:

1) the intentional preparatory phase and 2) the active conception phase.
During the intentional preparatory phase, you’ll want to steam in full support of your menstrual cycle and fertility desires. This often includes steaming every other day or even daily (excluding menstruation.)

Once you feel in a balanced and optimal place then you will want to enter the second phase. Phase 2, steaming during active conception, requires you to steam only in the follicular phase, after menstruation and before ovulation.
Please review Kitara's video on Yoni Steaming for Fertility & Conception.

Yoni Steaming for Labor Preparation:

Yoni steaming is generally contraindicated during pregnancy. However, you may choose to yoni steam for labor preparation.

Generally after 37 weeks of pregnancy, the baby is fully developed and ready to be born. At this time, and no earlier, it may be safe to gently yoni steam for labor preparation. As always, working with a trusted and trained yoni steam practitioner is advised.

If you've experienced uterine fatigue, often indicated by cycles 27 days and shorter, please wait to yoni steam until one week before your due date. However, if you are prone to stagnation or longer cycles of 28 + days you may choose to steam two weeks prior to your due date.

You don’t want the steam to be too hot for the baby, so please choose the Mild 10 Minute Yoni Steam Set-up. Keep the heat level super gentle. Imagine the steam reaching the baby. You want to feel confident that the temperature would feel lovely and soothing, and never too hot.

For additional information on holistic practices for labor preparation please see Kitara's article Yoni Steaming for Labor Preparation.

Yoni Steaming for Postpartum Recovery:

Please work with a trained and trusted practitioner. After delivery you need to wait, usually around 2 days, to confirm that your uterine arteries are closed. Upon this confirmation from your midwife or yoni steam practitioner, you may steam every day for up to 30 days. Steaming beyond 30 days is not advised as it may stimulate an early return of the period.

Yoni Steaming with an Active Infection:

Please work with a trained and trusted practitioner. You will likely steam daily for 10 days or until the infection is fully released. If you also experience shorter cycles of 27 days or less please opt for the Rejuvenate Strengthening Blend instead of the Renew Disinfecting Blend

Yoni Steaming for Prolapse:

Please work with a trained and trusted practitioner. Yoni steaming may support the lifting of the organs back into place. Yoni steaming within a month of postpartum is optimal. However, even if you are years postpartum, a trained and trusted practitioner can work with you to create a steam schedule. This usually involves daily or every other day steams to support the rebalancing and lifting of the organs back into optimum position.

What should I wear when I yoni steam?

Cloak, Gown, Birthday Suit?!

Some folks will want to yoni steaming in heavy cloaks and gowns to increase the detoxification of the body. For others this is contraindicated.

To know what attire is best for you, first identify if you have any signs of excess heat.

  • Infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes)
  • Hot flashes
  • Night sweats
  • Vaginal dryness
  • You radiating heat You have an aversion to heat 
  • Living in a very hot climate

If you DO experience any of the above indications:

Skip using extra blankets, gowns, and heavy material on your body while yoni steaming. Your birthday suit is perfection! For grounding, you may choose a favorite pair of cosy socks or slippers.

If you do NOT experience any of the above indications of excess heat, you may choose to aid the detoxification of the yoni steaming process by wrapping yourself in extra material.

Note on materials: Yoni steaming opens your heart, womb space, and body. So if you do wear gowns, robes, or blankets please avoid wearing anything made from synthetics, polyesters, or plastics which can release harmful chemicals. Kitara offers organic blankets and gowns for yoni steaming.

Always, honor your choices, prioritize your comfort, and let your intuition take charge. 

How do I set-up a yoni steam at home?

Steps for Yoni Steaming at Home:

  • Set an intentional space. Tidy up, light a candle, pull a card, choose silence or music, have a special object in site.
  • Heat your organic yoni steam herbs.
  • Check that temperature of your steam is gentle and soothing
  • Sit on your yoni steam seat and/or position yourself safely over the steam.
  • Breathe deeply, generously and intentionally and send the breath down down down into the womb space.
  • When your yoni steam is complete, please move slowly, hydrate, and rest.

Heat your organic yoni steam herbs. Fill a safe yoni steam pot with 1.5L of water and place 1.5 tablespoons of organic yoni steam herbs inside. Heat on medium high for 10 minutes.

Check the temperature of the steam.

Make certain the temperature of the steam is gentle by first testing it with holding the back of your hand above the steam. If the steam feels in the slightest way too hot, then wait for it to cool until it feels gentle and soothing. If after you sit on your yoni steam seat, you think "this might be too hot" then stand up immediately and wait for the heat to cool. The healing is in the gentleness. 

Position yourself over the steam.

If using a Kitara yoni steam seat, position the lid so that the elongated diamond opening runs from the front to the back (with the circle opening for the burner). Sit with your legs wide so that your pelvic floor is open and ready to receive the full benefit of the steam - from vulva to anus.

Breathe deeply, generously and intentionally.

Breathe into the lungs and heart space. Guide the breath further down into the body, filling the belly. Allow for long, slow, and full exhales. As you continue to breathe, invite the breath further still, down into the womb space. Imagine the breath as a beautiful pink light, filling this space with warmth and gratitude. Let go, find stillness, listen, and receive.

When your yoni steam is complete, please move slowly, hydrate, and rest.

Please yoni steam at a time in the day that is convenient for you. It can be a lovely part of your evening/bedtime routine. If you are also bathing before bed, please bathe first and then yoni steam. If you yoni steam in the morning or in the middle of your day, please ensure that you have spaciousness after your yoni steam to hydrate, rest, and integrate before going off to your next activity. 

How do I clean up after yoni steaming at home? 

Yoni Steam Pot Clean-up:

Discard your yoni steam herbs into the toilet, waste basket, compost, or offer them directly back to the earth. Use a designated sponge and wash out your yoni steam pot with water and dish soap.

Yoni Steam Seat/ Vaginal Steam Sauna Clean-up & Care:

If you used a burner, please remove it from the seat/sauna. Wipe or spray down your Kitara yoni steam seat with hot soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, alcohol or an essential oil dilution.

Dry the yoni steam seat/sauna with a clean cloth. Your Kitara yoni steam seat was originally finished with a loving coat of 100% All Natural Tung Oil. Every few months or as needed, maintain the finish by using a clean cloth to apply and additional coat of tung oil* protection.

*Please choose a 100% All Natural Tung Oil with tung oil as the only ingredient. Avoid any product that say Tung Oil “finish.” 

Are there side effects? What should I expect from yoni steaming at home?

There are many reported benefits of yoni steaming.

After a yoni steam you may feel more relaxed, better able to sleep, heightened libido and/or sexual sensation, improved circulation, decreased PMS symptoms, heightened fertility and increased cervical mucus at ovulation, reduced bloating, a tightened and lifted vaginal canal, and emotional balance. 

Some side effects may also occur, including:

Urge to urinate: Please pee before yoni steaming.

Increased Period Clots: The steam heightens the uterine cleanse and sometimes this causes the release of additional clots. Ultimately, by working with a trained and trusted practitioner, the clots may go away.

Increased Period Cramps: This can be a head scratcher, please bear with me. Healing is a non-linear process. Sometimes when there is a lot of stagnation, the first round of yoni steaming causes instant relief. Then with additional yoni steaming there may be a temporary occurrence of more cramping. This is likely because the steam has helped dislodge stagnation that the uterus now believes she can release through cramping. Ultimately, with working with a trained and trusted practitioner in a yoni steam consultation, the cramps may minimize and/or go away completely. Proper period care, getting lots of rest and avoiding the use of tampons which clog things up, is also very important.

Increased discharge or order: An esthetician uses steam to release debris from the skin. Similarly a yoni steam doesn't cause infection or order but may aid in its release. If you are yoni steaming to clear an infection you may choose to use a panty liner or a peri-bottle to keep the vulva clean as the infection is released.

Itchiness: You may be experiencing allergic reaction but that is very rare. The itchiness is most likely caused by a discharge that the yoni steaming is helping to release from the body. Discharge with bacteria and yeast may be drying itchy if allowed to sit on the skin. Using a peri-bottle and keeping the vulva clean and dry is important.

An Emotional Release: You may burst into tears and might not know why. It’s okay and it’s normal. It may be the first time in a long time, or ever, that you've created a consciously loving space to connect with your body and your womb space. Take your time, move slowly and gently, and reach out to trained and trusted support.

Earlier periods: No matter how consistent the period was, vaginal steaming supports clearing that can make the period come earlier. If you had strong cycles, 28 days or longer, and now are experiencing 27 days or less, please make sure you are now using the Rejuvenate Strengthening Herbs. If already using the Rejuvenate blend please make sure to adopt a yoni steaming schedule that supports uterine fatigue and that you take proper care while bleeding.

Later periods: If you had a long cycle and it has shortened toward a consistent 28-29 days, this is a positive benefit of the yoni steam practice. If you are yoni steaming and continue to experience very long cycles please work with a practitioner in a yoni steam consultation to make sure you are using the correct herbs, usually Kitara's Organic Release Cleansing Blend will be advised in these cases.

Brown Discharge After Yoni Steaming: This is a sign that the steam is pulling out the old residue. Woo hoo - keep it up! You want this cleared so that you can work towards starting and ending your periods with fresh red blood, indicating a complete uterine cleanse.

Abnormal Bleeding - onset of fresh spotting or bleeding:

If abnormal bleeding occurs, please stop steaming immediately and be sure to get lots of bedrest. The uterus is experiencing fatigue and please reach out to a trusted and trained practitioner to receive guidance about nourishment and restoration.

Bowel Movement and/or Gas: If this is a normal release, then it is a good part of the cleansing as steam stimulates the colon too. However, if it is loose (diarrhea) then the steam was too strong/ long. If you did a 30 minute advanced steam, please now opt for the 10 minute mild steam with low/no heat. You may use 3/4 tbsp of herbs instead of the standard 1.5 tbsp.

Skin Feels Raw or Stripped of Oils: This is a sign that the steam was too hot or the steam was too long. Please wait a week before the next steam and for next yoni steam let the steam cool further and do a shorter steam.

Arousal:  The yoni steam may stimulate the sexual organs and lead to heightened sexual arousal and/or orgasm.

Craving More info?

Essential Guide to Yoni Steaming at Home - it's free!

Our 22 page guide is written by Kitara's founder Kit Maloney, an Advanced Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner with over twenty years experience in the field of women's health and wellness.

Kitara's Free Essential Guide to Yoni Steaming at Home is beautifully designed to be go-to resource for safe, easy, and effective yoni steaming at home.


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Where and by whom are Kitara yoni steam seats made?

Kitara yoni steam seats are handmade by women in a picturesque barn in Maine.

Our founder, Kit Maloney, made Kitara’s first twelve yoni steam seats under the tutelage of her woodworking teacher. After selling out of those first yoni steam seats overnight in the summer of 2019, Kit partnered with a woman owned wood working studio less than an hour away from her in Maine to keep up with gloabal demand of Kitara’s yoni steam seats.

Are Kitara yoni steam herbs organic?

100% yes. Every herb in Kitara’s organic yoni steam herbs and womb health herbal teas is USDA certified organic.

Kitara is dedicated to providing products that are safe and natural. Our yoni steam herbs are 100% organic, sourced with the utmost care for quality and purity to ensure a safe and nurturing yoni steaming experience.

Who provides Kitara 1:1 yoni steam consultations?

Kitara’s 1:1 yoni steam consultations are provided by Zaire Sabb, the in-house Yoni Steam Practitioner at Kitara.

Zaire is highly qualified, holding an Advanced Certification in Vaginal Steaming, and is also a Registered Nurse, Herbalist, Midwife, and Birth/Postpartum Doula.

Her 90-minute Womb Healing Virtual Consultations offer a blend of professional medical knowledge and traditional holistic practices, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized experience for each client.

Book a Yoni Steam Consultation Here.

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Yes. By logging into your account, you can make changes to the items in your subscription, the frequency of delivery, and you can pause or cancel your subscription with ease at any time.

If you have any issues with your herb subscription, please reach out to our customer service team on info@kitaralove.com They will guide you through the process and help with any changes you need.

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Kitara does not accept returns, cancellations, or exchanges.

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