Your Vagina is NOT Dirty

Your Vagina is NOT Dirty

Let's have a lil chat about the important distinction between vaginal cleaning vs cleansing. ⁠

The notion that the vagina needs any sort of "cleaning" is rooted in a patriarchal belief that the female body is dirty. Creating from that misogynistic place leads to all sorts of awful (and expensive) products designed to keep us disconnected and distanced from our natural selves.⁠

Vaginal steaming, however, is done to support the natural cleanse of the uterus. Just like we do breathwork to support the cleanse of the lungs, drink detox teas to support the cleanse of the liver, exfoliate to support the cleanse of our skin, we steam to support the cleanse of the uterus. As a vital organ, she is just as worthy of this extra love and care. Even in this toxic world, she deserves to function optimally too! ⁠

So our vaginal steam practices invite us into intimacy with and celebration of our natural rhythms, cycles, and delightful smells. ⁠

We steam from a place of deep reverence and devotion to the female body. ⁠

You see, that lil "s" in the middle there makes a BIG difference.❤️⁠

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