The Kitara Fund for Black Maternal Health

Donating 1% of revenue. 
Every sale, every day, since day 1.
Supporting Black-led community initiatives providing proper care and safety to Black birthing folx. 
The Kitara Yoni Steam Fund for Black Maternal Health
In the US, Black and Indigenous birthing people are 3x more likely to die than their white counterparts. 
Our current medical system is rooted in greed, fear, misogyny, and racism.  For too long women have been told that the only source we could trust are the external experts outside of us. At Kitara we stand with Black community leaders to say “No more.” ⁣

Vaginal steaming is a practice with ancient roots that span the globe.
A medicine passed down through the generations, guiding women into deeper knowledge, intimacy, and trust of our bodies. In reverence for the plants and elements, vaginal streaming proudly weaves together our physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Trained healers offer support and encourage the truth that the wisest knowing already exists within us. ⁣

In contrast, the origin story of Western Gynecology is disgraceful and cruel. It involves white men brutalizing enslaved Black women and a mindset of power over others, rather than power from within.
We don’t mention this to suggest that all facets of Western Gynecology are “wrong.” We name it because origin stories often help us connect the dots for our own experiences, validating an inner knowing that was there all along. ⁣

Vaginal steaming is an accessible and universal medicine. However, we do not believe the revival of steaming in the US would be possible without the leadership and remembrance of Black and Indigenous healers. We are deeply grateful for the generosity of their shared wisdom and leadership. ⁣
Sabia C Wade, The Black Doula, For the Village, The Kitara Fund
Since our first sale in Oct 2019, The Kitara Fund has been proud to support the work of Sabia C. Wade.
Known as "The Black Doula" Sabia is at the forefront of educating and advocating for the rights and care of the BIPOC birthing community. The Kitara Fund is honored to support Sabia's non-profit For the Village.
For the Village is  a reproductive justice organization that provides free full spectrum doula services to all families who have been marginalized and are of low socioeconomic status in San Diego County.  
Kit (our Kitara founder) is a grateful student of Sabia's and we encourage you to follow her @theblackdoula and For the Village @forthevillage
As our mission statement concludes, "as we grow, so will our activism." If you know of a Black led community initiative working to support Black Maternal Health that is seeking support, please email Kit at