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Healing Endometriosis with Yoni Steaming

  Your menstrual time is supposed to be a sacred moment of the month, but for so many women, that time comes with pain. This is especially true for women...


Your menstrual time is supposed to be a sacred moment of the month, but for so many women, that time comes with pain. This is especially true for women who live with endometriosis. Today’s guest comes to bring hope to women who may be struggling with endometriosis.

Today’s interview is with- Chasca Summerville, an Ayurvedic Diet & Lifestyle Consultant and author of a truly beautiful book called  Ayurvedic Rituals: Wisdom, Recipes and the Ancient Art of Self-Care. 

Chasca is as approachable as she is knowledgeable and has an incredible personal story of womb healing. For decades Chasca suffered from the immense pain and disruption caused by symptoms of endometriosis. Even after years of exploration and devotion to Ayurvedic principles and lifestyle, which had reconnected Chasca to her soul’s purpose and much healing, Chasca’s menstrual cycle remained a source of conflict and struggle. 

In this episode, she shares how the practice of yoni steaming was THE game-changing addition to her health and healing routine. For all of you on your endo warrior journies, this episode is absolutely for you and my wish is that it leaves you inspired and with hope. 

And for all of us, regardless of any particular diagnosis, this is a rich and juicy and deeply real conversation about how once unimaginable womb health is truly accessible to us all.


In This Episode

  • 2:53 - How yoni steaming helped Chasca cure her endometriosis
  • 16:48 - Auryveda as an ally in endometriosis pain
  • 33:19 - Being aware of your options for endometriosis treatment
  • 43:18 - Steaming as an invitation to open up a dialogue with the womb and maternal ancestry
  • 1:20:07 - Seasonal cleansing and cleansing during the menstrual period


Resources Mentioned

Chasca’s Book, Ayurvedic Rituals: Wisdom, Recipes and the Ancient Art of Self-Care

How to Steam without a Seat

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1 comment on Healing Endometriosis with Yoni Steaming
  • Jessica
    JessicaOctober 06, 2023

    Hey , how are you ? I’m 22 years old and I have endometriosis, I’ve yoni steam a week ago with turmeric and ginger to help cure my endo, please help any advice ? How many times a month is it safe for me to steam ?
    Kitara Love replied:
    Hello there love,

    Thank you so much for reaching out to us, we love hearing from you.

    Kitara is a mighty but exceptionally small company devoted to giving you excellent customer and community care.

    It may take us 1-3 days to reply, so I am hoping these answers to commonly asked question may offer immediate support.

    *For concerns with your order: *We will do our best to respond to you same day or next day. We are committed to your satisfaction.

    For questions about yoni steam herbs: *We have a *free quiz <> to help you understand which organic Kitara custom yoni steaming herbal blend is best for you and your body. Unfortunately we are not able to offer individualized support for selecting herbs over email correspondence. However, we invite you to book a 1:1 Consultation <> if you have specific concerns about which herbs are best for you and your intentions.

    *For questions about yoni steaming: *We invite you to check-out our FREE 22 page Essential Guide to In-Home Yoni Steaming <>. If you are accessing this page from your mobile phone, please wait a few seconds for the full page and form to load.

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