Yoni Steaming meets Western Gynecology with Dr. Laurena White, OB-GYN

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Dr Laurena White is a western trained doctor who grew up in a home where herbs were medicine too. Many times women have sought medical care for their uterine and womb health and are presented only the option of surgery or birth control. So today we have a spacious conversation with a gynecologist who alchemizes holistic options with her medical training. We hope this conversation shows you how you can ask doctors for more when it comes to the health of your womb space.

A note from Kit:

The word holistic now gets thrown around quite a bit and I hear from many of you regularly that you go to see a Western-trained doctor who is promoting holistic services only to be funneled into very narrow options of, primarily or even exclusively, hormonal birth control or surgery. The issue is not necessarily with these options themselves but rather with the way they are posited as the only options and how they are often promoted - yikes, in truth many times pushed, in a way that leaves us feeling disassociated from, rather than integrated with, our womb space. 

So to speak with a physician, trained in our Western system but raised in a house where herbs were medicine too and yoni steaming was just something all the aunties did together and spoke freely about, really showcases the possibility for the emergence of a genuinely holistic and integrated approach where we the patient are informed, centered, and empowered. 

I am so grateful for Dr Laurena - her depth of knowledge and her willingness to share vulnerably her own Womb Stories and her current womb intentions are such gifts for us and the world. 

This is a spacious conversation that covers alot. Thank you for choosing to spend your time with us and I do hope you enjoy! 

In This Episode

  • 10:08 - How Laurena maintained her sense of self and her values within the western medicine field
  • 27:40 - Finding the balance between western medicine and holistic practices and knowing when to use which remedy
  • 31:30 - Laurena’s personal womb story
  • 1:00:30 - Addressing the connection between the emotions and the body as a healthcare practitioner
  • 1:17:35 - Using steaming within a gynecological practice


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