How to Yoni Steam at Home WITHOUT a Yoni Steam Seat

How to Yoni Steam at Home WITHOUT a Yoni Steam Seat

Yoni Steaming at Home WITHOUT a Yoni Steam Seat

Dear one,

So maybe you're like me when I was just starting. Whilst you are super keen to try yoni steaming at home, before you invest in steamy accoutrements you want to make sure that you really do indeed love your yoni steam practice. 

A few years ago, that’s precisely where I was at. I had done some steams with a practitioner but then she moved to Hawaii and there wasn’t another practitioner within a two hours drive of me at the time. I really wanted to start yoni steaming at home. But…. at the time there were very limited options for yoni steam seats and most safe options were upwards of $250 plus shipping. So I resisted buying anything, and instead tried a variety of different ways to steam at home without a yoni steam sauna. 

So I wanted to share three ways that worked fairly well for me, letting me slowly but surely fall further in love with my yoni steam practice, in my own time. 

If you are curious about yoni steaming but maybe feel intimidated or hesitant to buy steaming gear before having tried it out, this video is for you. 

My hope is to help you adopt a safe start. You may then decide a yoni steam practice is indeed for you (after all, it is magick). If so, in your own timing you can decide what sort of set-up you want to expand into.

Love + Gratitude,


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  • Such a helpful video – thank you! You exactly described where I’m at. We have a wooden squatty potty, which is what feels easiest at the moment, since it has a rounded cut-out. It sits a bit low, but is very comfortable for the position. Especially for me as a short person.

    Jennifer on

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