Healing Fibroids Naturally: Yoni Steaming and Holistic Health

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If you are listening to this near the release date, I’m now ever so gently dipping my toes back into the waters of work after a beautiful cocoon of postpartum time. Our baby boy arrived the morning of May 22. He is a gem, we are wildly smitten new parents, and I look forward to sharing the journey of our home birth with you here on Womb Stories Project in a future episode. 
Today’s interview is with Madam CJ who has a dynamic, bold, and compelling story of womb healing. She also celebrates her use of yoni steaming to support her fibroid release and passing fibroids naturally. In this episode, Madam CJ also shares her journey of connecting to her innate and natural beauty as well as finding freedom through sensuality and dance. 
Like many of our episodes on Womb Stories Project, the conversation takes us beyond a particular diagnosis and into a deeply real conversation about the profound ripple effect that womb space health and healing have on one's life and community. 


Healing Your Body from Fibroids

Madam CJ was diagnosed with fibroids when she was 35 years old. Her grandmother used to suffer from fibroids, so she knew something was wrong when she started experiencing similar symptoms. The surgery and intensive recovery period were inaccessible to her, so she threw herself into natural remedies and emotional healing to heal her own fibroids.


Vaginal Steaming Practices for Fibroids

A commitment to extreme self-care inspired Madame CJ to order her own Kitara yoni steam seat. She has a home vaginal steaming process where she yoni steams every day except for when she is bleeding. Vaginal tissues are extremely absorbent, so Madam CJ reflects on how her yoni steaming practice has helped her to recover from multiple illnesses, including her fibroids.


Eliminating Toxic Skincare to Prevent Fibroids

Soaps, hair products, nail polish, hair color, and even feminine hygiene products have xenoestrogens that feed fibroids. Eliminating these products and releasing the beauty standards that keep women hooked on these products is essential to fibroid healing and prevention. Madam CJ reflects on her journey of learning how to make her own natural soaps and embracing her natural look.


In This Episode

  • 4:20 - Madam CJ’s experience with fibroids and her healing journey
  • 11:31 - Why the surgery isn’t the right solution for a lot of women
  • 17:10 - Madam CJ’s current fibroid journey and the healing practices she keeps in her daily life
  • 27:30 - Eliminating toxic skincare products that are linked to fibroids - particularly in the black community
  • 36:28 - Madam CJ’s home vaginal steaming practice
  • 50:14 - Being able to ask for and receive help when healing from fibroids
  • 1:01:22 - Dance and the womb healing gifts it offers



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