C-Section and Birth Trauma Healing with Yoni Steaming

C-Section Birth Trauma Yoni Steaming Kitara

Steaming for post-partum recovery is often only spoken about for vaginal deliveries, but Blaney booked a steam session to heal from her c-section. She was also seeking support in her recovery from obstetric violence. Today, we will go into what obstetric violence means, and how that term supports women by putting a name to what they may have experienced. 

In this episode, we center on Blaney’s healing. Part of that involves naming the trauma and telling her story. So as you go into the episode, I encourage you to check in with yourself. Is this the right time for you to go in-depth on the topic of obstetric violence? If you feel a full-body yes, then I hope you find this episode supportive. If this topic isn’t right for you at this moment in your journey, then we will have new episodes of womb stories soon.


In This Episode

  • 5:41 - What led Blaney to seek a yoni steam session after her c-section
  • 14:04 - Blaney’s four birth stories and her experience with obstetric violence
  • 25:21 - How to validate yourself and navigate systemic violence as a pregnant person
  • 34:08 - What worked and didn’t work for Blaney on her healing journey
  • 56:05 - Being integrated into the community around you while also navigating those who are in different parts of their healing journey
  • 1:00:55 - Additional thoughts and healing messages from Blaney


Resources Mentioned

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