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Today’s interview is with Sabia Wade. I first connected with Sabia several years ago when I learned of their various initiatives in support of black maternal health several years ago. Sabia’s organization, For the Village, does incredible work for marginalized birthing groups. It is beautifully aligned with the mission of The Kitara Fund. If you don’t know, I set up The Kitara Fund even before I launched our yoni steam products on Through the Kitara Fund, we honor Kitara’s promise of sharing 1% of our revenue on every single item sold with Black-led community initiatives advancing birthing rights and maternal health in disenfranchised populations. It’s a privilege to support Sabia’s initiatives, as well as others, through the Kitara Fund. 

This conversation was actually recorded about six months ago. It was back during the end of my pregnancy when I secretly thought I’d be back at work within weeks of birthing our son… I hope to have the opportunity to share more of my birthing experience and postpartum journey in future episodes but for now, I’ll just say that I am grateful for the space to slow down, trust a different pace, and savor the snuggles. 


About Sabia Wade

So today we get to hear from Sabia, not just about their work with For the Village but about their mission as a Black, Queer, CEO to build bridges for a more inclusive, diverse, and equitable world through Reproductive Justice, distribution of financial wealth to BIPOC communities, and investing in emergent and innovative businesses.

Honestly, there are so many parts of this discussion that blew me away. Sabia’s cool, grounded, determination to expand and expand and to create change through system overhauls is profound and inspiring. You’ll hear moments where I am speechless at the capacity of their imagination and gumption. 


Balancing Pleasure with Productivity 

Sabia reflects on how she sets boundaries and nourishes herself in a world where slowing down isn’t always an option. She shares how true happiness for her comes from true satisfaction over instant gratification. In today’s world, there is a lack of time for integration in a world filled to the brim with content to absorb. Sabia’s wisdom and practice help guide her through the world as it is today, and maybe you can pick up some tips from her. 


Creating a Value-Led Career 

Sabia is a doula who also runs a trucking company. No matter what she does, she embodies her values. She takes her knowledge as a doula to a diverse array of spaces and disciplines, while always being authentic to herself. She never wanted to be pidgeon-holed as a doula, who can only ever work and speak in spaces related to doulas. The way Sabia speaks about her work is inspiring, and maybe you can embody some of it in your own career. 



In The Episode

  • 12:30 - The importance of slowing down and investing in pleasure
  • 21:37 - The reality behind social media
  • 38:52 - Being value led so your business and career can adapt to you as you grow
  • 52:53 - Taking a pause at different levels of your career
  • 1:05:46 - History of black and brown midwives and the industrialization of birth

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