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Engraved Original Yoni Steam Seat

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Isn't she lovely?!

Our engraved sauna features a beautiful laser-cut design of Kitara's logo, designed to honor your yoni steam practice. Incorporating an inverted triangle (an ancient symbol of the Divine Feminine), the herbs we use to steam, and a crescent moon. This seat welcomes holistic healing through an artistic representation of the yoni and feminine magic.  

Like all Kitara Sauna Yoni Steam Seats, she brings safety, ease, and comfort to your in-home vaginal steam practice. Beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and great value, the Kitara Sauna Vaginal Steam Seat is made in Maine by women with love.

Key Design Features for Easy Use:

The Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat allows women and yoni-bodied folks to sit comfortably above their steam pot of heated water and herbs. Design elements include:

  • A removable top for the accessible placement of your yoni steam pot with water and herbs. 
  • Custom openings to allow the sauna to work with or without the use of an optional burner. This includes an opening for the burner’s cord as well as an opening for quick and easy temperature adjustments. 
  • Side handles for easy portability. 

Safety - Always: Kitara is devoted to embodied health and providing the best possible care to our community. Upon purchase of our products or services, you'll be invited into a private group led by our founder & Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner Kit Maloney so that all your steamy questions can receive our utmost care and attention. 

Materials: The Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is made of beautiful birch sides and an aromatic red cedar top. It's finished with a loving coat of 100% tung oil (all-natural and toxin-free).

Dimensions: For ease of use and portability the Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat has custom handles and is 14in x 14in x 14in. Small enough to be lovingly tucked into a closet when not in use. Cute enough for your living room. Just pop a coffee table book or a jar of flowers on top and let the sauna blend into your home aesthetic.    

HANDMADE WITH NATURAL WOOD, EXPECT LOVING VARIATION: Just like each red cedar and birch tree is unique, each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is too. Expect the color and grain of the wood to be particular and special to your sauna. 

Kitara sauna vaginal steam seats are made in a picturesque woodworking shop on a stunning farm in Maine. They are designed and built by women and each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is assembled with expertise, loving intention, and heartfelt gratitude.


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