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Yoni Steam Safely at Home

These are the things to consider before you start your at-home yoni steaming practice. Here you'll find steaming contraindications, the best herbs for vaginal steaming, how long to steam, and...

First & Always

At Kitara we are honored to support our community with in-home vaginal steam solutions. Safety for your health & healing is always our number one priority.

Here you'll find important safety information. 

Before Starting Your Vaginal Steam Practice, please consider:

There are times when it is not safe to vaginal steam. 
Please see here for more about contraindications for vaginal steaming. 
If you have questions about how to vaginal steam safely, before vaginal steaming please consult a certified vaginal steam practitioner or doctor.

Vaginal Steaming & Herbs 🌿
Steaming with herbs can optimize your health and healing. However, selecting the wrong herbs for your ailments and body can cause harm. Learn more about Kitara's 6 custom organic vaginal steam herb blends and which is right for you.  

Your Vaginal Steaming Schedule
The days on which folks vaginal steam varies widely between individuals. It is critically important to know on which days it is safe and optimal for you to steam during your cycle. In consideration of your body, ailments, and intentions, please book a consultation 1:1 consultation with our founder and Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner before you start your vaginal steam practice.

Length of Vaginal Steam
How long you vaginal steam depends on your body at the moment. Read here to determine if you are better suited for Mild 10 Minute vaginal steams of Advanced 30 Minute vaginal steams. 
Steaming for longer than 30min per session is never recommended.

Vaginal Steam is an Intentionally Gentle Practice
When practice properly, vaginal steaming is always gentle, soothing, and relaxing. If your vaginal steam is ever uncomfortable, painful, or unpleasant in any way, please stand up and stop.

Before every steam session, check the temperature of the steam coming out of the top of the sauna with the palm of your hand. If it's too hot for comfort, wait for the steam to cool. If you think it's cool enough and then things heat up beyond comfort, stand up immediately and wait for the steam to cool further.

Honor Your Intuition & Inner Knowing
Vaginal steaming is an ancient practice that may have benefited hundreds and thousands of women and yoni bodied folks. Like all holistic health + healing modalities, there is not one practice for all people. Individual's needs, intentions, and alignment also shifts. What was an aligned practice at one time in your life isn't necessarily and aligned practice for all times of your life. Please make responsible choices that honor your individual health, safety, and healing.

Step by Step Instructions
If and when you are ready to start your vaginal steam practice, please follow these step by step instructions for your vaginal steam set-up.  

Stay Safe & Get the Most from Your Vaginal Steam Practice

Working with a Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner is the best way to set yourself up for safety and success. 
Receive the benefits your desire and book your Kitara 1:1 yoni steam consultation today. 

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