Can you burn yourself?

Can you burn yourself?

Can you burn yourself?

It's an understandably common question for folks looking to adopt a yoni steam practice. Safety is our top priority and we never want anyone to get burned, ever. However, the truth is that yes, of course you can burn yourself while sitting over heated water... Just like you can burn yourself cooking pasta, taking a shower, or curling your hair... 

With yoni steaming it is just as simple to learn how to steam safely.

The key steps are to always:

  • test the temperature
  • be in relationship with your body*
  • stand up
  • repeat

However, in patriarchy, these seemingly "simple" things may actually be more complex than we may first consider. 

In this video, my wise healer friend Rachel Sizemore and I talk about how to navigate the truth that many of us are so disconnected from our bodies that we are overriding our intuition and even suppressing our innate instincts.

I invite you to listen/watch if you're interested to learn about how to engage with your yoni steam practice to discover embodied intimacy and self-love. Most importantly, don't get burned... by yourself or the patriarchy! 

We'd love to know how this conversation landed with you and hope to hear from you in the comments below.

Loads of love. 

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  • Hello! Do you have tips on how to heal if you have been burned?

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