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Potential Benefits of Yoni Steaming

Yoni Steaming Healthy Menstrual Cycle
Yoni Steaming and Fertility
Yoni Steaming and PMS, Cramps, Period Pain
Yoni Steaming and Postpartum Recovery
Yoni Steaming and Fibroids
Yoni Steaming and Menopause
Yoni Steaming and trauma
Yoni Steaming and Sexuality and Libido

Women Sharing Womb Healing

Beautiful - Just so Lovely!

Hi there! I wanted to share that I received my Kitara steam set yesterday. It came so fast, in 3 days, in perfect condition. The stool is so beautiful, as is the matching mint blanket and steam pot... so lovely.

Thank you so much for all the love and care that you put into these sacred tools.

Much love ❤️

Andreja, Verified purchaser of a Kitara Savings Bundle

This steaming sauna is STUNNING

This steaming sauna is STUNNING and it actually feels good too!!! I roll up a towel for my booty and I feel so comfortable. I can really drop into my steam in a deeper and more pleasurable way. I am so happy that I finally treated myself conscious seller and this extremely high quality product. I also feel like I can finally offer truly relaxed, comfortable steams to my clients now.

Kelly Stack, Verified purchaser of the Kitara Engraved Yoni Steam Seat

Such a powerful practice - thank you Kitara!

I LOVE my Kitara yoni steam sauna. It has helped to regulate a very challenging and painful menstrual cycle. And it has helped to increase my sexual desire and my body's ability to be turned on and ready for sex. I cannot say enough good things about the practice! My Kitara sauna makes it so easy to follow my steam schedule and take this beautiful time for myself. It's also beautiful!

Rachel Sizemore, Verified purchaser of Kitara's Engraved Yoni Steam Seat

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