We love working with wholesale partners. We ship 18 yoni steam seats per pallet, which usually works out as the best shipping rates for our wholesale customers. So please consider placing your order in increments of 18.

Email info@kitaralove.com with your order request and the subject line: Yoni Steam Seats Wholesale and we'll get you set up with everything you need.


Many business owners who are first interested in placing a wholesale order, then decide that the Kitara affiliate program is actually a better fit for them. 

The Kitara Affiliate Program for Yoni Steam Solutions

The Kitara affiliate program allows you to earn revenue on the sales of our vaginal steam saunas without having to put any money down, store product, or even fulfill orders. Plus, commission from the affiliate program is pure profit!


Kitara Love Vaginal Steaming Sauna Seat Stool for Safe Yoni Steaming


Affiliates earn $33 per sauna on each sale generated through their unique affiliate link or promotion code.

$33 per sauna!

We love lifting up our friends and each other's communities as we spread the yoni steam love. After all, the rising tide lifts ALL ships. So if the Kitara affiliate program sounds like an even better fit for you then wholesale, please fill out our invitation to join the Kitara affiliate program here.

Gratefully yours,

Kit & Team Kitara

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