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So I'm the first to tell ya, all you need for yoni steaming is pot, water, and a heat source. However, from there, things get a bit more interesting. Like, how am I going to sit safely over the hot water? There are of course ways to do this without a sauna. That said and you only slip once on a wonky homemade set-up before realizing a well-made steam seat is indeed worth the investment. Or in my case, one slip served as the warning sign that led to a whole new business. 

Then there is the question, what pot should I use? On the one hand, any pot will do. However, I get super nervous about anything made from plastic or with any type of non-stick coating. The steam is sending up healing and we don't want it carrying toxins as it travels. That's why the Kitara steam pot is enameled stainless steel. Do you need a designated steam pot? Nope! That said and even our most feminist partners and roommates do seem to be reassured that our steam pots aren't doubling up for soups too;) 

So now, about this need for a heat source:

Our ancestors were heating water over a fire. Someday we'll all gather in Maine, have a magical group steam around a giant bonfire and it will be glorious. In the meantime, let's talk burners. 

Here is the deal, I myself resisted buying a burner. I'm a sensitive user, so I do shorter yoni steams. We often hear burners are only for those who want to sustain heat for longer yoni steams. However, regardless of how long you steam, the thing about burners is they make steaming easier and maybe even a bit more delightful. 

Most of us don't steam in our kitchens. So there is distance from the cooktop to the steam set-up, maybe even a flight of stairs. Certainly not the biggest deal to find some oven mitts and carry your sweet steam pot to your sauna. At least that's how I operated before I thought to add a burner to the Kitara product line and knew I needed to personally test it first.

That's when I came to see the additional ease a burner yields to the whole steam process. Now I just fill my steam pot 3/4 full with water, sprinkle in my herbs, and turn the burner onto medium-high heat. As the water heats (for 10ish minutes), I can put on my robe, tidy up my space, light a few candles, and drop into my wombspace healing intentions. When the water is ready, I simply turn the heat down or off, remove the lid from the steam pot, safely secure the sauna's lid, sit down and receive the medicine. 

Adding a burner was a small but significant shift, allowing me to do my whole steam process in a little room of my own.  

Kitara Yoni Steam Kit Savings Bundle Package

In creating our Holiday Savings Bundles, I wanted them to feel like super special gifts. Whether for yourself or a loved one, each includes a sauna, a steam pot, and a burner. The Sensualist package also comes with a steam blanket and a massage oil candle of your choice. The Ceremonialist package includes a steaming robe and a womb wisdom candle. Yearning for a blanket and a robe? Great, pick your package and add a little something extra to your cart. 

Love from your Maker in Maine,

Kit Maloney Kitara founder Yoni Steam Queen


Kit Maloney, Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner & Founder of Kitaralove.com

Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home

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  • Tested up to 350lbs
  • 14in x14in x 14in, Functional and Comfortable