Vaginal Steaming: The Fundamentals

Information to guide and empower your in-home vaginal steam practice.

Safety First, & Always

What to know BEFORE you start your steam practice. 

At Kitara we are honored to support you and our community with safe in-home vaginal steam solutions.

At its essence, vaginal steaming is a simple and gentle practice. However, to ensure safety and maximize efficacy, please be sure to educate yourself on the fundamentals.

Here you'll find important information to consider before starting a vaginal steam practice. Read more.

Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has many reported benefits. Here you'll find eight reasons to include vaginal steaming in your health and wellness routine. Read more.


There are times when vaginal steaming is not safe, making it all the more important to get the proper information and guidance for you, your body, and your healing. Here you'll find times when vaginal steaming is not safe. Read more. 

Kitara's 5 Custom Herb Blends 

Steaming with herbs can optimize your health and healing. However, selecting the wrong herbs for your ailments and body can cause harm. Kitara offers 5 custom organic herb blends and to learn which is best for you. Read more.

How Long to Steam?

There are two standard set-ups for vaginal steaming: A Mild 10 minute Steam & an Advanced 30 minute Steam. Learn which is best suited for you and your body. Read more.

Cloak, Gown, Birthday Suit?!

What to Wear While Vaginal Steaming

Some folks will want to "cloak" in material to increase the detoxification of the body while steaming. Others are better suited for very light attire or even naked steams! Learn what attire is best suited for you and your body. Read more. 

Vaginal Steam Set-up

Step by Step Instructions

Learn how to set-up your sauna, burner, and steam pot with herbs for a safe and easy in-home vaginal steam practice. Read more.