Our Mission


Kitara's Threefold Mission

1) Yoni Health. To serve the uterine, menstrual, and yoni health and healing of our community. 
2) Financial Health of the Business. In order to tend to our community, we must also be resourced.
3) Devotion to Intersectional Feminism: The third and arguably most important mission of Kitara is that our devotion to sovereign and embodied health is grounded in a commitment to intersectional feminism. 
Healing does not occur in the body through isolation of organs of from a separation of the mind from the body from our spirit. We have an embodied knowing of interconnectivity. 
Same goes for healing our culture.
Gender equity doesn't happen before or after the rights of BIPOC and Queer folx and the protection of our Mother Earth. We rise simultaneously and symbiotically, or not at all. 
As we grow, so will our activism. 
From our very first sale in the last quarter of 2019, 1% of Kitara's revenue is direct to The Kitara Fund for Black Maternal Health.