Don't Get Burned


Stand up, for your yoni and yourself. 

Yoni Steaming, also known as Vaginal Steaming, is an ancient healing modality in service of uterine and menstrual health. When done properly, vaginal steaming is a safe and often incredible effective healing modality.
So why is that woman are burning themselves when all they have to do to prevent burning is stand up?! Kitara offers beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and great value products for safe and easy in-home vaginal steaming. In this video, Kitara's founder, Kit Murray Maloney, talks with Rachel Sizemore, breathwork healer, about what is the underlying cause of women burning themselves during their vaginal steam practice. After all, you only need to stand up!
In this conversation Kit and Rachel explore how under patriarchy, the simple act of listening to your body's reflexes is actually a complex scenario for many women.
Yoni Steaming (vaginal steaming) has many reported benefits including balancing and optimizing the menstrual cycle, increasing fertility, relieving PMS including cramps and lower back pain, postpartum care, non surgical healing of fibroids and cysts, menopause support, postpartum care, and reawakening sexual aliveness.
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