Vaginal Steaming: Benefits

Vaginal Steaming may benefit and heal a wide variety of uterine and menstrual ailments.
Learn here about how adopting a vaginal steaming practice may support your holistic health + healing. 


Your Uterine & Menstrual Health is Your Holistic Health. 

Your home base for learning the many ways vaginal steaming may benefit your physical, emotional, and spiritual health + healing. 

Stay tuned as this page expands to include information about vaginal steaming for: postpartum care, fibroid healing, period pain and cramps, pelvic organ prolapse, menopause + post menopause, optimizing fertility + addressing infertility, uterine fatigue + short cycles + other symptoms of perimenopause, first periods + moons + menarche, vaginal steaming & sex, libido, + sexuality, releasing sexual trauma, pregnancy loss (miscarriage + abortion), labor preparation, stagnation (long cycles + missing cycles), syching your cycle and period with the moon, and more!

8 Reasons to Vaginal Steam

Vaginal steaming has many reported benefits. Here you'll find eight reasons to include vaginal steaming in your health and wellness routine. Read more.

Vaginal Steaming & Fibroids

Too many of us are told invasive procedures are our only option… Here you’ll learn about the different types of fibroids and to how to use vaginal steaming and other non-surgical modalities to heal fibroids naturally. Read more. 

Postpartum Care 

Vaginal steaming for postpartum recovery has a rich, robust, and global history. Here are eight ways you may experience the bountiful healing potential of postpartum vaginal steaming. Read more.