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Set-up for Yoni Steaming at Home

Vaginal Steam Set-up Here you'll find step by step instructions for using the you Kitara Yoni Steam Seat, yoni steam pot, and burner for your in-home vaginal steam practice.  Step...

Vaginal Steam Set-up

Here you'll find step by step instructions for using the you Kitara Yoni Steam Seat, yoni steam pot, and burner for your in-home vaginal steam practice

Step 1:  Determine the Length of Your Yoni Steam

There are two standard lengths for vaginal steaming: 
A Mild 10 minute vaginal steam & the Advanced 30 minute vaginal steam. Learn which length of vaginal steam is best suited for you and your body. 

The Mild 10 Minute Vaginal Steam is for you, if you experience any of the following sensitivities:
- This is your first time steaming.
- You are prone to shorter cycles, 27 days or less.
- You are prone to infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes).
- You have indications of excess heat in the body (vaginal dryness, night sweats, hot flashes, etc)
- You are under the age of 13
-You are prone to fresh red spotting/ trickle bleeding. Remember, never steam while currently bleeding fresh red blood.
- You have a herstory of spontaneous bleeding or 2 periods per month.

If you have any of the above sensitivities, it is only safe to choose a Mild 10 minute steam set-up.

Please choose the Advanced 30 Minute Vaginal Steam only after determining that you do NOT have any of the sensitivities listed above that indicate you are only suited for a Mild 10 Minute Vaginal Steam.

A note to those prone to shorter cycles: If you are prone to shorter cycles, 27 days and less, but through steaming you achieve a consistent 28 day cycle, stick with the Mild vaginal steam. One who is prone to shorter cycles does not "advance" to the longer steams.

Steaming for longer than 30min per session is never recommended.

Step 2: Set-up your in-home vaginal steam with your Kitara Yoni Steam Seat, Yoni Steam Pot, and burner.

  • Remove the lid of the Kitara sauna and place it to the side. 
  • Place the burner inside the Kitara sauna, use the circling opening in the back to connect the cord to an outlet. 
  • Fill the vaginal steam pot with 1.5L of water (about 3/4 full)
  • Scoop 1-2 tablespoons of your custom herb blend into the vaginal steam pot with water. 
  • Place vaginal steam pot, with lid on, into the sauna on top of the burner. 
  • Turn the burner to medium high heat (level 3-4) and let the herbs heat for 10-15minutes. 
  • For Mild 10 Minute vaginal steams, turn the burner off. For 30 Minute Advanced vaginal steams lower heat levels to your safety and comfort. The burner is there to sustain heat levels if you choose, but always monitor for safety and comfort.
  • Use a pot holder to remove the lid from the vaginal steam pot and put to the side. 
  • Secure the sauna lid onto of the seat.  
  • CHECK HEAT FOR SAFETY & COMFORT. Test the steam with your hand. If it's too hot, let it cool down for as long as needed. There is no benefit to the steam being too hot. The steam should be at a gentle and comfortable temperature for vaginal steaming. 
  •  Your vaginal steam set-up is ready!
  •  If wearing bottoms and/or underwear, remove them and take a wide legged seat. 
  •  For a Mild vaginal steam, stand up after 10 minutes. For an Advanced vaginal steam, stay seated for up to 30 minutes. It is never advised to vaginal steam for longer than 30 minutes. 
  •  If you haven't already turned your burner dial off, please do so now. For extra safety, please also unplug the burner. Never leave your burner unattended and always take care to turn it off properly.
  •  Follow clean up & care instructions and make sure to move slowly, hydrate, and rest. 

Clean Up & Care: Move Slowly, Hydrate, and Rest

Steam Pot Clean-up: Discard the herbs in the toilet, waste basket, compost or directly back to the earth. Use a designated sponge and wash out the steam pot with water and dish soap. Then disinfect the steam pot afterwards with hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, alcohol or essential oil dilution.

Sauna Clean-up & Care: 
If you used a burner, please remove it from the sauna. Wipe or spray down the Kitara sauna with hot soapy water, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, alcohol or an essential oil dilution. Dry down the sauna with a clean cloth.

Your Kitara sauna was originally finished with a loving coat of 100% all natural tung oil. To maintain the finish please use a clean cloth and tung oil to add additional protection when necessary. Every few months is recommended. Please make sure to choose a 100% all natural tung oil that is food safe and avoid any product that says “finish.”


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