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Womb Stories Project - A New Podcast!

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About the new podcast - Womb Stories Project

Womb Stories shares conversations with female creatives, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders as they reveal their journeys home to the body. This show honors the female body and all of its power, epic healing potential, and boundless opportunity.

What if we asked our leaders and those that most inspire us, “What is your relationship to your womb? How have you journeyed with her into connection and healing? Do you trust her? Does she speak to you? How do you listen? How would you share her story?"

Womb Stories is hosted by Kit Maloney, and these are the questions she believes we must start asking. These are the questions we will ask ourselves and each other in a world full of love, equity, and belonging. A world where the female body and women are revered, celebrated, and deeply honored. If you are like us, you agree, it’s time to actively build that world now.

Kit Maloney is the founder of Kitara (kitaralove.com), which offers beautifully designed and expertly crafted products for safe and easy in-home yoni steaming.

Within the Womb Stories podcast is a sub-series called “Steam Stories.” Here, Kit speaks with holistic health practitioners, gynecologists, and members of the Kitara community to share womben’s real-world experience of the benefits of vaginal/ yoni steaming.

We are deeply grateful to our listeners for supporting our vision of a co-created world full of love and belonging to our bodies, to each other, and to our Earth.

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