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"My favorite yoni steam supplies."

Dear One,

Each and every time I yoni steam, I have significantly reduced cramps during my next period.
As someone who has suffered from uterine fibroids, this says A LOT. I am always looking for natural ways to relieve my unwanted pain.

Not only do I get the benefit of feeling good after a steam, it also allows me to take the time to slow down, connect with my body, and meditate.

I am grateful for Kitara for making this ancient healing practice more easily accessible with beautiful products for safe, easy, and effective yoni steaming at home.

Kitara is a woman owned business with shared values around caring for our wombs, our mama Earth, and each other. I hope you enjoy these yoni steam supplies as much as I do!

With love,

Annmarie, Co-founder of Annmarie Skincare

Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home

Steam safely & effectively with:

✔ All Inclusive Yoni Steam Set-ups

✔ Handmade Yoni Steam Seats   

✔ Safe Yoni Steam Pots 

✔ Organic Yoni Steam Herbs

✔ Yoni Steam Robes and Blankets

✔ Special Yoni Steam Accessories

Kitara Yoni Steam Seats Feature:

  • Premium Birch and Solid Red Cedar Woods
  • Handles or collapsibility for ease of portability
  • Lids with elongated diamond openings - allowing steam to reach from vulva to anus
  • Finished and protected by 100% Tung Oil (all natural and toxin-free)
  • Tested up to 350lbs
  • 14in x14in x 14in, Functional and Comfortable