Benefits of Vaginal Steaming

Vaginal steaming has many
reported benefits.

Here are eight reasons to include vaginal steaming in your health + wellness routine.

1. A Balanced & Optimal Menstrual Cycle

Vaginal steaming supports the re-balancing of the cycle and the return of a healthy and consistent period.

  • Keep healthy cycles healthy. 
  • Address uterine fatigue, often the root cause of short cycles.
  • Release stagnation, often the root cause of long cycles and missing periods. 

2. Pain Free Periods

The root cause of cramps and lower back pain is the stagnated blood that the uterus is contracting in effort to release. Vaginal steaming supports the complete monthly cleanse of the uterus. No stagnation = no reason for the uterus to cramp.

The presence of brown blood before and after the monthly period is an indication of stagnation. If you have this occurrence of brown blood, please know that it is common but not normal or optimal. Vaginal steaming clears stagnation and yields a regular monthly bleed of 3-4 days of fresh red blood.

3. Increased Fertility

The number one indicator of optimal fertility is the presence of a healthy menstrual cycle, including monthly ovulation and a regular healthy period. Steaming addresses the root cause of infertility by supporting the return of balanced and healthy cycle.

Vaginal steaming is also used to cleanse and prepare the uterus for insemination, IVF, and IUI. In these cases steaming is only safe before, never after, the insemination/implementation.

4. Fibroids & Cysts

Vaginal steaming helps liquify and release fibroids and cysts as a non-surgical option to their removal.

Please see "Fibroids & Non-Surgical Healing" for more information about vaginal steaming for fibroid healing.

5. Menopause & Post Menopause Support

Vaginal steaming adds moisture into the body helping to address vaginal dryness
Cooling herbs are used to release excess heat from the body
Vaginal steaming is a practice enabling sustained connection to our womb space, life cycles, Mother Earth, and the moon.

6. Sexual Aliveness

Vaginal steaming may increase lubrication and libido and can be used as an embodiment practice for sexual awakening and healing.

7. Postpartum Care

Vaginal steaming for postpartum recovery has a rich, robust, and global history. Birthing people across the globe are revitalizing this practice. For more information, please see 8 Benefits of Postpartum Vaginal Steaming.

8. Holistic Health

Beyond the many physical benefits of steaming are the emotional healing and spiritual connection also possible through this practice.

Adding ritual and intention can take a steam practice to a whole new level, yielding boundless healing potential.

Get the Most from Your Vaginal Steam Practice

Working with a Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner is the best way to set yourself up for a success. 
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