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Cloak, Gown, Birthday Suit?! What to Wear While Yoni Steaming

Some folks will want to steam wrapped up in cozy blankets or a robe to increase the detoxifying of the body through vaginal steaming. However, for those who experience excess heat in the their body, there is no need to add more. 

Here is how to know what attire is best for you: 

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First, identify if you have any of the following signs of excess heat in the body. 

Signs include:

- Infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes). You currently have one or you are prone to them. 

- Hot flashes

- Night sweats

- Vaginal dryness

- Radiating heat - you’re like a heater!

- An aversion to heat - not necessarily a sign of excess heat, but if you dislike heat there is no need to wear heavy materials that would exacerbate the heat in the your body.

- Living in a very hot climate

If you DO experience any of these indications:

1. Skip using extra blankets, gowns, and heavy material on your body during your vaginal steaming sessions. 

2. Steam in a light robe or sundress, and if called and if your surroundings are warm enough, please consider the invitation to steam in your lovely birthday suit.

If you do NOT experience any of the above indications of excess heat, you may choose to aid the detoxification of the yoni steaming process by wrapping yourself in a beautiful cozy blanket or two. 

Please avoid wearing anything made from synthetics or plastics as they can release chemicals that can be harmful to your body. 

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: We now offer organic plant based blankets and robes! 

Golden Rule of What to Wear While Vaginal Steaming: Honor your choices, prioritize your comfort, and let your intuition take charge. 


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