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"My favorite yoni steam products."

Dear Womb Holder,

Steaming is a way to connect to your womb with loving kindness and to engage in your body's innate ability to heal.

A steam sauna provides added comfort to your steam sessions and makes it so much easier to steam at home!

This is why I'm glad to have partnered with Kitara to bring you beautifully designed and expertly crafted yoni steam set-ups and yoni steam seats. It's our intention that these tools help you add extra safety, ease, comfort, and ritual to your in-home yoni steam practice.

Kitara is a woman owned business with shared values around caring for our wombs, our mama Earth, and each other. I hope you enjoy these gorgeous and yoni steam seats and supplies as much as I do!

With love,

Lindsay Sara

Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home

Steam safely & effectively with:

✔ All Inclusive Yoni Steam Set-ups

✔ Handmade Yoni Steam Seats   

✔ Safe Yoni Steam Pots 

✔ Organic Yoni Steam Herbs

✔ Yoni Steam Robes and Blankets

✔ Special Yoni Steam Accessories

Kitara Yoni Steam Seats Feature:

  • Premium Birch and Solid Red Cedar Woods
  • Handles or collapsibility for ease of portability
  • Lids with elongated diamond openings - allowing steam to reach from vulva to anus
  • Finished and protected by 100% Tung Oil (all natural and toxin-free)
  • Tested up to 350lbs
  • 14in x14in x 14in, Functional and Comfortable