Kitara Steam Queens

Kitara Steam Queens

We are over the moon delighted to launch our "Kitara Steam Queens" series and excited to share more with you about it here. 

First off, What is a Kitara Steam Queen?

A Kitara Steam Queen has a vaginal/yoni steam story to share with the world. 

Why was the Kitara Steam Queens series created?  

In just over a year since our launch, The Kitara Sauna vaginal steam seat is now in hundreds of homes all across the world - in nine countries and forty two states!

At Kitara we are humbled and honored to witness incredible steam healing stories from all over the world. These stories are the threads that weave us together in community, they are worthy of epic celebrations, and they help spread the word about the wonderful healing prowess of vaginal steaming. 

However, these stories of embodied health + healing are not ours to share, they are yours! 

So we're launching the Kitara Steam Queen Series to celebrate you and your stories with your permission and in your words.

How does one become a Kitara Steam Queen and what's involved?

If you would like to celebrate your journey with vaginal steaming, please fill out our Kitara Steam Queen entry form here. We hope to celebrate each Queen, and we will be in touch with you before we publish your story. 

By completing the submission you are accepting Kitara's invitation to share your information with our community on social media channels, email marketing, and the website. 

More questions?

Great! Please email me, Kit, on and I'll do my best to answer anything else you'd like to know about the Kitara Steam Queen series. 

Ready to share?! Wonderful, just follow the steps here and we'll be in touch soon!

With Gratitude + Love,

Kit Maloney Yoni Steam Robe Kitara Love


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