Before you yoni steam - the step before the first step

Before you yoni steam - the step before the first step

Yoni steaming is a practice that I've worked with personally and with many clients to help foster and facilitate intimacy with the womb space. 

Regardless of if you are yoni steaming for fertility, fibroid release, postpartum recovery, trauma healing, period pain relief, clearing infections, transitioning into menopause, a sense of belonging to yourself and the cosmos, or any other of the many reasons we yoni steam, I invite you receive the most benefit from your practice through developing a deepened intimacy with your yoni/ womb space. 

This intimacy leads us to accessing deeper healing of our emotional bodies, which is often the precursor for relief in the physical body. 

Personally, I came to yoni steaming seeking connection to the Divine Feminine/ spiritual connection. I thought my cycle itself was fine. After all many docs had told me for decades that brown blood before and after my bleed was normal and that moderate period pain was not only normal but fortuitous in comparison to the debilitating pain experienced by so many others. 

My yoni steam practice led me through an emotional release that facilitated the physical clearing of stagnated blood. In turn eliminating my period pain and guiding me along the way towards a deeper trust and awe of the guidance of the Divine Feminine and the interconnectedness of all aspects of ourselves and the world. 

Along the way, I realized that I’d intuitively added in a very first step for my yoni steam practice: 

The very first step, simple but often skipped, is to put your hands on your body. Maybe on the heart, maybe on the vulva, maybe on the lower abdomen. Maybe one on heart and one on womb space. Breathe. Say hello to your body. Say hello to your yoni. Explain that you are listening to her now. You are breathing and being with her just so that you can hear her even better. 

Steps to opening yoni connection and fostering womb space intimacy: 

  1. Place your hands gently, lovingly, and intuitively on the body. 
  2. Breathe. Invite in conscious breath. In through the nose, sign it out through the mouth. 
  3. Say hello. Out loud or through the heart/mind, express your welcome and gratitude to  your body and womb space for being a part of you and for sharing her wisdom and gifts with you. 
  4. Listen. Stay connected, staying breathing, and listen. There is no rush, there isn’t even a goal. Simply be open to the possibility of her guidance. 
  5. Trust. Allow yourself to trust the messages you hear from within. Start to notice the different flavor or tone used by the body vs the mind. Let the body’s messages guide you towards selecting music, meditation, journaling or additional stillness for your steam. 

The invitation is to do this for 3-5 minutes before you steam. This practice is also available to you throughout everyday. It's super simple  yet a game changer for building the muscles needed for hearing, trusting, and engaging with your embodied wisdom.  

With love,


BONUS: Lighting our yoni steam healing meditation candle with intention is a beautiful way to amplify this practice. 

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