Authentic Expression with Tig Notaro

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Comic, actor, director, podcast host, and my dear sister-in-law. Tig is acclaimed for her honesty, and ability to bring her insightful humor to reflect on the most difficult moments of her life. It was an honor to have Tig on the show, because of the impact she has had on the entertainment industry, and to have the chance to connect with a beloved family member.

This episode is a spacious and vulnerable conversation where we explore the theme of truth-telling.


In This Episode

  • 8:40 - Striving for truth while staying connected to self-love
  • 19:02 - Navigating moments when you have to choose between authenticity and belonging
  • 21:51 - Connecting to how truth feels in the body
  • 30:17 - Creating an all-female writing room and some of the shifts happening in Hollywood that allowed for that
  • 40:28 - Accessing creativity through the womb space
  • 48:29 - Mindfulness exercises and connecting to a higher power
  • 59:15 - Reflections on motherhood

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