Unlocking Your Womb Healing Story with Anita Kopacz

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This is episode 1 of Womb Stories, and I wanted to welcome Anita Kopacz as my very first guest because she has helped to unlock my own womb story. 

Anita and I first connected on a podcast episode towards the end of 2015, where I was interviewing people about pleasure, and she talked about some of her trauma work. She helped me to understand another dimension of how to understand the victim and survivor story. This changed the course of my life, and it engaged me in my trauma healing in a way I had never experienced before. This episode centers on womb stories and centers the healing aspect of it. 


In This Episode

3:02 - reframing the idea of power through Anita’s womb story

13:21 - tending to wounds through storytelling 

16:38 - when it’s time to seek safety and when it’s time to allow yourself to be uncomfortable 

27:27 - questioning the fear-based imagination while empowering the creative imagination 

29:53 - how to connect with your body and use it as a part of your creative process 

38:18 - using the divine masculine to share what the divine feminine has created 

41:28 - grounding into childhood trauma and seeing it as a blessing 

57:45 - coming into the understanding that black women are the divine 



“The beautiful thing about doing trauma work is that we already survived.” 

“It’s almost like trauma is the door we have to go through to get home. And so many of us run from that door, so we are running away from home all the time.” 



Shallow Waters

Zero Efs Given 

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