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2021 Lunar Calendar

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Track your rhythms and menstrual phases alongside the lunar cycles with this beautiful calendar from intuitive artist Sarah Lou. 

In her own words, Sarah shares, "I created these paintings to celebrate and demystify the vulva, reclaim the diversity of shape and color of each woman’s unique essence, and bring the word ‘Pussy’ out of the taboo closet."

Key calendar elements:

  • Displays the four phases of the mood: new moon, first quarter, full moon, and last quarter.  
  • Includes monthly original artwork by Sarah Lou. 
  • Sits on your desk, windowsill, or countertop for daily remembrance of your womb wisdom and cyclical nature.  

For menstruators:

  • Keeping track of your menstrual cycle visually, along with where the moon is in it’s phases, helps to bring you into deeper connection with your infradian rhythms, and the four phases of your menstrual cycle.
  • Draw a symbol or place a sticker on the days you bleed and watch over time how your body is responding to the power of lunar influences.
  • Reclaim the empowering wisdom of living in flow and connection with the lunar cycle. 

If you do not menstruate:

  • If y ou once menstruated and are past your bleeding years, the artwork of this calendar serves as a reminder that wombspace holds Source energy in all phases of life. The lunar cycles can continue to guide you through your rhythms of creation, illumination, and release. 
  • The brilliance of moon is a gift for us all. Tuning into the lunar rhythms fosters deeper intimacy and connection with our planet, the elements, and the cosmos. 

Calendars will ship directly from Sarah Lou's artist studio. 

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