Practitioner Collaboration

January 2022 

Kitara is launching a trial program available to 5 Vaginal Steam Practitioners interested in creating customized collapsible yoni steam seats that feature their brand's engraved logo.

Customized Collapsible Yoni Steam Seat


This is a great opportunity for practitioners who hold yoni steam circles and/or gift or rent yoni steam seats to clients. 

If this sounds like a good fit for you and your business, please fill out the invitation here. 

More Praise for Kitara's Free Yoni Steam Guide

"This is incredible! Going through this guide helped me to better understand how to benefit from yoni steaming. The information is presented in such an accessible way and I learned so much!"

Jamelah L.

"I had so many questions and they were all answered! I've been wanting to yoni steam for ages, but this guide gave me the confidence and I boost I needed to finally get started!"

Carley R.


"Whoa. This included so much more in depth information than I expected and I'm super grateful it. When it says what the guide includes 'and so much more', they really mean it!"

Tiffany S.

"I had been intrigued by skeptical of yoni steaming... this guide really helped me understand the practice. Reading it helped me feel good about getting started and now I am yoni steam obsessed!"

Mariah F.

"I only wish I'd downloaded this sooner! I love yoni steaming but I didn't realize how much there is to know until I went through this guide. Now I tell all my friends interested in yoni steaming to "start here!"

Lex P.