At Kitara we love celebrating and collaborating with wonderful folks in the steaming world. It's an honor and joy to showcase these practitioners and powerful healers with our community. Find booking info below. 

Erlinda of Girl Gang Steaming

Erlinda Denise, Vaginal Steam Practitioner, Owner of Girl Gand Steaming

Erlinda offers 30 minute phone consultations, covering  herb recommendations and an in-home steam plan. If you feel called to work with Erlinda for a consultation, please click here. You'll be directed to her website for booking. 

More about Erlinda: 

Erlinda Denise is a daughter of the Seven Sisters and certified Vaginal Steaming Practitioner and Birth Witch.  She has a deep passion for supporting women and creating a space to discuss vulnerable and honest topics for healing and self love.⁠
Erlinda's steaming journey started over 5 years ago as a personal self love practice.  After completing her Vaginal Steam Certification, she created Girl Gang Steaming from a space of motherhood and sisterhood.

During consultations Erlinda shares her experience with strength and hope, offering candid and honest discussion about vaginal steaming.  Her hope is to help her clients create a life long vaginal steaming practice, not simply a one time spa experience.

To book a consultation please do so through Erlinda's site here.




Elydé Arroyo

Elydé Arroyo of Grounded Womb

Elydé is a womb doula specializing in abortion and postpartum support. She is skilled in yoni and lingham steaming and works with trans folx as well as the full range of the LGBTQIA2+ community.  Elydé guides her clients to reconnect with their Original Self and offers private and group sessions. 

More about Elydé

I first met Elydé at a small gathering of soul sisters, some of whom I'd known for years and others I was meeting for the first time. However, the heart centered trust and intimacy was instant. Minutes after gathering the four of us walked a few blocks down to the ocean where we dunked into the sea, screaming out our fears into the waters and popping up for air and to share supportive knowing smiles. Back on the beach we named aloud our heart's desires in sisterhood. 

Upon return to the house I had the honor of joyously connecting further with Elydé as she prepared the herbs for our steams (pictured above). It was my first time steaming in circle with others and Elydé guided us through portals and into a remembrance of wholeness that was eternally memorable and absolutely magical. 

In the words of our host that evening, Elydé is "A woman who caravans magic from one part of town to the next to ensure that healing and sweetness happen. A woman who teaches her kids respect and ritual and remembrance and rest and togetherness. A woman who’s friends with the plants and unbroken from her lineage. A woman who rocks blue eyeliner and fancy nails. A woman you can laugh with night and day, make potions, cast spells. A woman whose spirit lights a space like the sun and whose soul creates safety and empowerment wherever she goes. A woman free in the magic and sensual power of her body. She is radiance embodied." - Rachael Maddox, Trauma Resolution Educator, Coach & Guide

Please follow Elydé on Instagram @groundedwombdoula and to book a virtual appointment with her please email

Everything You Need to Yoni Steam at Home

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✔ Handmade Yoni Steam Seats   

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Kitara Yoni Steam Seats Feature:

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  • Finished and protected by 100% Tung Oil (all natural and toxin-free)
  • Tested up to 350lbs
  • 14in x14in x 14in, Functional and Comfortable