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The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
The Sensualist Savings Bundle
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The Sensualist Savings Bundle


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    Ignite your senses with this exquisite + luxurious yoni steam kit bundle.

    Includes: The First Anniversary Edition Kitara Sauna + Yoni Steam Pot + Burner + Steaming Blanket + Sensual Massage Oil Candle. 

    Your choice of a mint or rose blanket. 

    Your choice of a lavender or blood orange massage oil candle. 

    Expect a slight delay: Our burners are on route to us but caught in the nationwide shipping delays. We expect saunas bundled with burners to ship out on May 10th (though we are hoping for May 7/8th). Your patience is super appreciated and we are so grateful for your support. xo

    The First Anniversary Edition Kitara Sauna 

    Isn't she lovely?! To celebrate Kitara's first anniversary we've released this beautiful new edition sauna.

    Like all Kitara Sauna Vaginal Steam Seats, she brings safety, ease, and comfort to your in-home vaginal steam practice. Beautifully designed, expertly crafted, and great value, the Kitara Sauna Vaginal Steam Seat is made in Maine by women with love.

    Key Design Features for Easy Use:

    The Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat allows women and yoni bodied folks to sit comfortably above their steam pot of heated water and herbs. Design elements include:

    • A removable top for the accessible placement of a steam pot with water and herbs. 
    • Custom openings to allow the sauna to work with burner. This includes an opening for the burner’s cord as well as an opening for quick and easy temperature adjustments. 
    • Side handles for easy portability. 

    Safety - Always: Kitara is devoted to embodied health and providing the best possible care to our community. Upon purchase of our products or services, you'll be invited into a private group led by our founder & Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner Kit Maloney so that all your steamy questions can receive our utmost care and attention. 

    Materials: The Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is made of beautiful birch sides and an aromatic red cedar top. It's finished with a loving coat of 100% tung oil (all-natural and toxin-free).

    Dimensions: For ease of use and portability the Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat has custom handles and is 14in x 14in x 14in. Small enough to be lovingly tucked into a closet when not in use. Cute enough for your living room. Just pop a coffee table book or a jar of flowers on top and let the sauna blend into your home aesthetic.    

    HANDMADE WITH NATURAL WOOD, EXPECT LOVING VARIATION: Just like each red cedar and birch tree is unique, each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is too. Expect the color and grain of the wood to be particular and special to your sauna. 

    Kitara sauna vaginal steam seats are made in a picturesque woodworking shop on a stunning farm in Maine. They are designed and built by women and each Kitara sauna vaginal steam seat is assembled with expertise, loving intention, and heartfelt gratitude.

    No returns or exchanges. Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping. 

    Enamel Steam Pot 

    Beautiful, Safe, & Easy to Use - perfect for yoni steaming! The Kitara Yoni Steam Pot is a lovely pastel-colored mint and made of safe enameled steel. It comes with an enameled steel lid with a stainless steel rim.

    Add style and simplicity to your vaginal steam practice with this super cute pot: 

    • Durable
    • Quality enameled steel 
    • Suitable for most types of stoves
    • Heats up quickly and evenly 
    • Dishwasher safe
    • Non-microwave-safe 

    Dimensions: Fits perfectly inside your Kitara Yoni Steam Sauna/ Seat

    • 2.1qt (2L)/ 9.25'' x 5.71'' x 9.25'' (23.5 x 14.5 x 23.5 cm) 

    No returns or exchanges. Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping. 

    Oversized Yoni Steaming Blanket

    So beautiful, so soft, and so perfect for elevating the comfort and experience of your vaginal steaming practice. Wrap around the waist, tuck underneath the arms, or criss-cross over the shoulders for a halter dress. 

    Chemical Free | Handwoven | Yarn dyed | Prewashed 

    70% cotton 30% linen

    Oversized: 59 x 86.6 Inches / 150 x 220 cm, with fringes.

    Smart Cotton - Premium Turkish cotton, astounding quality and both solid and delicate. 

    Fast Dry - These blankets dry in a blaze contrasted with conventional towels so you can bid farewell to soggy towels hanging in the bathroom. 

    Super Absorbent - For drying up the moisture of the steam super quickly. 

    Finest Quality - Featuring the world's best cotton. These peshtemal blankets are made utilizing age-old procedures. 

    Lightweight and super soft. In fact, the more you wash your steaming blanket/towel the softer and softer it will become. 

    Colors: Comes in vibrant mint and beautiful rose. 

    Sensual Massage Oil Candles

    "A libido lifting dream... light this candle and enjoy its sweet scent during your steam... let it melt into a pool of sumptuous oil for massage, play, and delight."

    This 8 oz candle contains an all-natural blend of coconut oil, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, and either blood orange or lavender essential oil.  The recipe was formulated with Anita Kopacz, Tantric Sex Coach, and is hand-poured by beekeeper and Lomar Farms founder, Yvonna Kopacz.  

    You have never seen massage oil like this, light it up before your yoni steam. Let it melt until a pool of oil is formed.  Once your yoni steam session is complete, blow out the flame and pour the oil into the palm of your hands. Let the games begin...

    To be used externally only and not meant to be poured directly on to the skin.

    Mmmm....enjoy my dear. 

    Scents: Comes in soothing lavender or invigorating blood orange. 

    No returns or exchanges. Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping.

    Brentwood Burner for Kitara Steam Sauna/Seat

    Simplicity & Ease. Skip the extra steps and hassle of heating water on the stove. Opt instead to add simplicity and ease to your yoni steam set-up with this easy to adjust Brentwood burner. 

    Works perfectly with the design of The Kitara Steam Sauna/ Seat. 

    Suitable for all steam set-ups*:

    For a 10 Minute Mild Steam Set-up: Use the burner to heat your water and herbs in preparation for your yoni steam. 

    For a 30 Minute Advanced Steam Set-up: Use the burner to both prepare and sustain the heat of your yoni steam. 

    *Read about Mild and Advanced Vaginal Steam Set-ups. 

    Product Description: 

    Brentwood TS-322 Electric Single Burner, Fast-Heat Up, Cast Iron Heating Element, 1000 Watts Power, Thermostat Regulated Variable Temperature Control, White
    Produces adjustable, even heat
    Features a power indicator light, Small and lightweight design takes up little counter space, Easy to clean

    Key Features
    Fast-Heat Up, Cast Iron Heating Element
    Durable, Easy to Clean Powdered Housing
    Power Light Indicator, Non-Slip Feet
    Even-Heat Distribution, Adjustable Heat
    Small, Lightweight Design

    Item UPC Code: 857749002174
    Power: 1000w
    Item Weight: 2 lbs
    Item Dimensions (LxWxH): 10" x 10.75" x 3.5"

    No returns or exchanges. Please contact us if there is any damage from shipping. 

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