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Introducing Season 3: Your Orgasmic Season!

Exciting Surprise! Season 3 of Womb Stories Project will be released alongside Season 2. In Season 3, Kit teams up with her dear friend, soul sister, and fellow Yoni Priestess,...

Exciting Surprise! Season 3 of Womb Stories Project will be released alongside Season 2. In Season 3, Kit teams up with her dear friend, soul sister, and fellow Yoni Priestess, Rachel Rose to share personal stories, honest inquiries, and integrated wisdom from walking the Pleasure Path.

In this first episode, Kit and Rachel have fun (yay pleasure!) introducing each other and their intentions for co-creating this season. 


Connect with Kit on IG @bykitara

Connect with Rachel on IG @healingxartistry 


Episode Transcript:


(0:00) Hello there, this is Rachel Rose, co-host with the dear Kit Maloney of Womb Stories Project season three. (0:11) Some of you may remember me from season two, episode one. (0:17) Kit and I talked about her fertility journey, and now we're back, the two of us together, co-creating season three, and we're super excited.

(0:28) In this episode, we have a lot of fun introducing each other and just talking a little bit about what it's meant for us to be walking the pleasure path all this time, and our prayer in creating this season to share more about our journeys with you. (0:50) For those of you who do not know, Womb Stories Project is the house podcast of Kitara, founded by Kit Maloney to provide expertly crafted, intentionally designed products for safe and easy yoni steaming at home. (1:04) Head on over to for all of your yoni steaming needs, and we hope you enjoy this first episode of season three. (1:15) We certainly had fun recording it and we're excited to share it with you. (1:19) Hi, love.


(1:21) Hello there. (1:22) We're doing it. (1:23) We're doing it.

(1:25) We're doing it. (1:26) Wow. (1:27) Well, this is exciting, and I know that we've talked a little bit about what we'd like to share in this introductory episode to this new season of Womb Stories Project.

(1:41) So why don't we jam a little bit about ourselves and why we decided to do this season?


(1:50) Because we love each other and it's going to be awesome. (1:56) Trust us. (1:57) You know, we're going to give you a little more so that you feel safe, et cetera, et cetera.

(2:03) But that's the essence.


(2:05) We love each other and it's going to be awesome. (2:07) Peace.


(2:08) Exactly.


(2:13) So Rachel and I met in Denver in 2015 summer.


(2:23) Yeah, that's right. (2:24) Yeah.


(2:25) And we met in a pretty cool magical way, I think, which is that I was part of a program with a mentor who's on her email list. (2:38) She would say what some of her program members were up to in the world at the bottom of it. (2:44) And she highlighted me and some work that I was doing at the time that I had just launched, actually, it was called the Pleasure Pledge.

(2:53) And it was an invitation to women to commit to their daily orgasm. (2:58) It varied in length over the years, but it was generally a invitation to commit for 21 days to daily orgasm. (3:07) And it was such a good, such a good thing.

(3:12) I loved the Pleasure Pledge so much. (3:15) I love her still. (3:18) And Rachel was on that email list of my mentor and noticed somehow that I was moving to Colorado, right?

(3:27) And you reached out. (3:29) Yeah, I joined the Pleasure Pledge.


(3:31) I was like, what is this? (3:33) I don't even know. (3:35) But I think I need it.


(3:38) Who doesn't need that invitation?


(3:40) Which is really like in hindsight, like a thread of like our highest selves being like, yoni princesses unite. (3:50) And it was this sweet season where we both happened to be in Denver. (3:54) Neither one of us were there that long.

(3:56) I think I was there two and a half years. (3:59) Oh my gosh, I was only there like, three and a half, four.


(4:02) Yeah.


(4:03) Yeah. (4:04) So I joined the Pleasure Pledge. (4:06) And then yeah, I think it was in your Facebook group or something you mentioned being in Denver.

(4:10) And I just felt this pull to be like, I'm in Denver.


(4:14) Like, let's hang out. (4:16) Yes, that's right. (4:18) I think I might have launched Pleasure Pledge from when I was living briefly in California.

(4:24) And then in the Pleasure Pledge group mentions that I was moving to Colorado. (4:27) And he said, I'm living in Denver, you're moving to Denver, let's hang out. (4:31) And we did.

(4:32) And there, the yoni priestess, pleasure as healing magic has connected us deepened us, helped us travel journey, literal country to countries, and certainly cosmically and a lot of amazing and wonderful.


(4:50) So I'm just having this sweet memory of us like in bars around Denver, like talking about jade eggs. (4:59) Yeah, jade eggs. (5:02) Wait, hold on.

(5:03) I don't get it.


(5:04) Tell me more about that. (5:05) Yeah. (5:07) That was you to me.

(5:09) And then you went on to become like a jade egg sorceress. (5:13) No. (5:15) So good.

(5:16) So yeah, we've just been intertwined in each other's journeys around around womb story for so long, longer than before I had access to that as a, as sort of an idea or a framework. (5:33) And I've, you've always been somebody I've felt like, will lovingly hold all aspects of myself. (5:51) I'm just feeling the tender appreciation of you for that.

(5:56) So thank you. (5:59) And now I want, would love for you to introduce me.


(6:09) That was fun. (6:10) This is Kit's fun idea. (6:11) We've decided we're doing this fun y'all.

(6:14) Fun is the pleasure is the freaking North Star. (6:18) And that's part of why we're here. (6:19) Because like, we love each other.

(6:20) We love everything we've created together. (6:22) We're going to go create, and it's fun. (6:25) And Kit was like, you know, it'd be fun.

(6:26) Let's introduce each other. (6:28) I'm like, okay, here we go. (6:32) Hit and start.

(6:35) You are freaking Yoni priestess, thought leader, force and stand for women's health and wellbeing and sexuality, like entrepreneur, mama, freaking wise woman, witch goddess.


(6:58) That's some of it. (6:59) And I will update my LinkedIn. (7:03) I'm not sure I have.


(7:06) Yeah, girl, like you have just been on the path, you know, since well before I met you, like standing for what you believe in and like feeling it deeply feeling it so deeply. (7:22) You're someone who feels it so deeply and then does something about it, which in our world is extremely rare and potent. (7:31) It's so potent.

(7:33) So as we shared, you know, we talked about this the other day, like, when you created the pleasure pledge, 10 plus years ago, like it was so revolutionary. (7:43) Hardly anyone was talking about sex or sexual healing. (7:46) Nobody was talking about pleasure.

(7:48) And you were just like on the scene, like, guys, I think we're going to heal our trauma through pleasure and orgasm and masturbating. (7:56) And let's try.


(7:59) Let's see. (8:00) Doesn't seem like there can be much of a downside here.


(8:04) We learned a lot. (8:08) We've learned a lot in the decades since that happened, which we'll be sharing about as we go. (8:14) But it was pioneering and brave as fuck, brave as hell.

(8:17) And, you know, you, you allowed it to adapt and to change and to shift. (8:23) And when it was time for you to, you know, I remember when you discovered Yoni steaming and you were this extreme, yes, from the very beginning, which I was like, you know, in pleasure to be right there. (8:35) We like together in LA like that week.

(8:39) And, and I was discovering it around the same time. (8:42) And it was just like, you were like, this is the thing. (8:45) It's extremely important.

(8:46) And I'm all in. (8:47) And you created Katara so beautifully to a provide like the herbs, the stool, the pot, like all the things and then be educate and share and bring this practice back this practice, which is, you know, part of every culture all around the world. (9:04) It's like fundamental to all of our healing, really, but women's bodies healing.

(9:11) And so, you know, I don't know exactly how many years you've been on the Katara journey now that you've been building this beautiful company. (9:18) And it's been such a pleasure to watch and doing great work with it. (9:23) And when stories I'm sure we'll be talking about the main 20, because so beautiful and important for both of our paths.

(9:31) And you're a mom, you're a mom as mom myself. (9:37) I feel that this is important piece of the introduction, you know, because it's such a big deal to bring tiny humans into this world. (9:45) And Kit now has two, a boy and a girl.

(9:48) And I think it's going to be a big part of what we're talking about as well as like, we go into our own womb stories, like, there's kind of a big line in the sand of like, you know, maiden and mother, like before babies and after babies on so many levels. (10:04) So I just want to bring that piece. (10:06) And there's so many other amazing things that are excellent friends, like Congressperson.

(10:12) Not quite yet. (10:20) Such a good human. (10:22) She's like involved in local politics, y'all.

(10:24) Like who has the courage? (10:25) Not me. (10:29) Anyway, you're badass.

(10:31) I love you. (10:31) That's what I got. (10:32) Love you.


(10:34) That's my favorite introduction. (10:36) Oh, Rach, I am so grateful to you. (10:44) So Rachel is, you are a medicine person and cosmic guide and healer.

(10:55) And I have watched you over almost 10 years be not yet aware of that to really aware to in some resistance to then in total determination to claim the truth of that and then be in the whirlwind of what that claiming journey was going to put you through. (11:28) So that means everything from being in, in somebody's email list and then being the person to reach out and say like, Hey, let's be friends about this pleasure pledge. (11:41) And then taking on a lot of strength and courage to step into deeper work around sexual healing through a variety of different modalities.

(11:54) And you're, you're somebody who, who received the messages and really, as I said, as I have told you so many times, you were committed to being in action around them. (12:06) And that meant ending a marriage. (12:10) It meant moving to different cities.

(12:13) It meant moving to a new country. (12:15) It meant starting a relationship that you were super called to, but that had some ramifications around parting ways with different friends and stepping into a different container of relationship being an intimate sexual relationship. (12:36) And stepping into motherhood and unplanned, but desired deeply desired way.

(12:47) And had such amazing, you have such amazing clarity on the impact of your art that your will have. (12:57) And so for me, I feel really humbled and excited to be a small piece of encouraging and then co-creating with you to make sure that that art is actualized and put out into the world. (13:14) And on a personal note, you are somebody who has held me through some of my darkest fears and experiences and has done so with such insight and love and laughter and trust in yourself, which has allowed me to trust you with some of the most important things, which I'm just putting together now that we're not sure how the sequence of different episodes of this podcast are going to actually land.

(13:51) But right now the last episode that is published at Boom Stories is the one you and I recorded about my fertility journey. (14:00) And so that is an hour plus conversation that encompasses some of the depths of that journey, of course, but only really a sliver of, to me, that like the totality in which you took that on, took on my fears, my trauma, my inability to see out of it. (14:25) I just trusted you to hold the vision of me out of it when I couldn't.

(14:30) And that's so powerful. (14:32) And that is definitely part of the medicine that I think that you are here to share and have shared with me. (14:40) You can see people and take people in their most triggered and their hardest states and hold them steady through the journey, which is not short, right?

(14:53) It's not a 90-minute session. (14:55) It's decades. (14:58) It's travel.

(15:00) It's testing different modalities. (15:03) Wonderful. (15:04) Thank you, love.

(15:06) I love you.


(15:10) So fun. (15:10) This is a great game. (15:14) I'm like, I'll listen to you say nice things about me all day.

(15:17) Now, Ms. Dottie would like to say hello.


(15:22) Again, Dottie. (15:23) Hey, girl. (15:24) Hi, Dottie girl.

(15:26) Yeah, you want to cuddle with mama as we finish up this recording? (15:31) Yeah. (15:32) I love this.

(15:33) I love you. (15:35) So I'm cognizant that in some ways we've shared so much to ground people and to who we are, but probably that if I were listening, I would still have a little bit of compulsion to know sort of more resume type things. (15:50) And yet I don't think we need to really share them because it's truly not what this is about.

(15:55) We're here to be open and honest about our womb stories with each other and to check in on how we're experiencing life through that lens and through the lens of pleasure. (16:10) Pleasure as the North Star, pleasure as the path of love, the path of healing, and the path that we have really stepped on in this lifetime. (16:23) Big time.

(16:24) Big time. (16:25) And I just, I'm jotted down when I said about the pleasure pledge, like, what could be the downside of this invitation to commit to daily orgasm? (16:37) And it ignited something in me, which is, no, I don't see a downside, but in many ways, like, that's a pretty, some people might think that that's an untruthful thing to say because things come up, right?

(16:52) Like, it's a courageous path. (16:54) And so not having a downside doesn't mean that it's easy or that, yeah, that's it. (17:02) Not having a downside doesn't mean it's easy.


(17:04) That there won't be moments where you're like, this feels like a pretty dark turn.


(17:10) Yeah.


(17:11) Yeah. (17:12) Because the reality is pleasure can be far away and even inaccessible sometimes, you know, and that's part of the medicine of the commitment to the pleasure is like moving through, being with, loving, holding the pieces and the times when there isn't pleasure and when there's pain and grief and all the things. (17:44) And all the things.


(17:45) That holding pleasure with such reverence has helped us see more clearly. (17:51) And I think that that is what we're here to share as a way of teaching each other, our listener, and ourselves.


(18:07) And, you know, just throwing a prayer or an intention here, which is like, you know, we have been pioneers on the path. (18:14) We weren't the first by any means. (18:16) And, you know, we were in there doing this before a lot of people were.

(18:22) And, you know, just like that, this prayer that the journey we've been on will make space for those alongside us and coming after us to have a sweeter, softer, gentler, more pleasure-filled path.


(18:37) I love that. (18:39) I just had the funniest thing come through, which is that that I'm finding myself being like, no kidder, this is too kidder-esque. (18:50) But there's this great line from this woman, Meg Whitman, who was one of the first CEOs of a Fortune 500 company.

(19:00) And she talks about stepping into that corporate leadership in the 80s. (19:05) And they literally didn't know as women what to wear because there weren't women in those positions of power. (19:14) And so she's kind of having a giggle at images of herself in like that three piece vest suit that women wore in the 80s.

(19:25) And my mother had one, or many, you know. (19:28) And there's even a necktie involved and everything else. (19:31) And I just love that because she was like, we were doing our best and we were dressing like our mentors, but our mentors were men.

(19:38) And so we were dressing like them. (19:39) And then we got to a place where we realized, oh, we didn't have to do that. (19:45) There are enough women here.

(19:46) We can have different ways of showing up. (19:50) And I see some parallels for us. (19:52) Like we are by no means like the very, very first people.

(19:57) And we have, I'm now realizing, been walking this path of recognition and reverence for pleasure as a North Star, as a guide, as a healing, the ultimate healing tool. (20:11) And for many, many years, I didn't know who to look to and how to dress. (20:18) And I was just there showing up and we were showing up with each other.

(20:22) And so now we're in this space where there is more conversation. (20:28) There is more readiness from a wider group of people. (20:35) And I think I would like to help people feel less like they have no one to look to, to support them on the path.

(20:47) Because I'm like, I haven't been here forever, but I've been here for a little bit and we've got some stuff to share. (20:57) Great. (20:59) You know, like it turns out you don't need to actually wear the three piece vest suit.

(21:06) You know, you don't need to try to think of what that example is for me, but, you know, you don't need to do it alone is one of like the big, big messages, which is really feeling particularly resonant in that we're doing this conversation together. (21:25) And I have wanted, I'm realizing now to have these type of conversations for a good while. (21:34) And I just really, it felt so heavy to have this type of content be created without somebody else.

(21:43) And what had become really clear, I mean, hilariously, Goddess has been asking us to do this for so long. (21:53) It finally became like, you know, impossible to not get the message recently, but, but yeah, we've got some stuff to share.


(22:06) I'm just getting this funny image of us like goddesses calling and we're like climbing on this long, windy path. (22:15) It's like, I've got brambles in my hair, my shirt's torn.


(22:19) Yeah. (22:20) She's like, also it was here all along. (22:22) You two love talking.

(22:24) You always talk about pleasure and you're on the healing path.


(22:29) Like ladies, we did it. (22:34) We did it. (22:35) We hope you enjoyed this first episode of season three.

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