3. Steam Stories with Keli Garza, founder of Steamy Chick

3. Steam Stories with Keli Garza, founder of Steamy Chick



This is the first episode in a sub-series of Womb Stories Project called “Steam Stories”. I can’t get over the powerful feedback I have received on the power of steaming. Pelvic pain has been heavily normalized by modern medicine along with many other abnormalities that can show up during a period. This episode introduces some of the ways that we can support our wombs during bleeding and postpartum.

In This Episode

  • 2:54 - Keli Garza’s steam story - how she discovered steaming 
  • 17:27 - How steaming helped Keli Garza recover after giving birth to both of her children 
  • 34:15 - Racial inequities in womb health care and prevalence of fibroids 
  • 47:54 - Defining success at the beginning of a steaming journey 
  • 51:50 - Practices outside of steaming that can support womb healing and womb health 
  • 1:00:31 - Creating better practices that support your health during your womb bleeding 
  • 1:09:48 - How women of color are leading the return to steaming and how to support that mission 

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