Cloak, Gown, Birthday suit?! What to Wear While Vaginal Steaming

Some folks will want to steam wrapped up in cozy blankets/ cloaks to increase the detoxifying of the body through vaginal steaming. For those who experience excess heat in the their body, there is no need to add more.

Here is how to know which is best for you:

First identify if you have excess heat in your body.

Signs include:

- Infections (bacteria, yeast, herpes)

- Hot flashes

- Night sweats

- Vaginal Dryness

- Radiating heat (you’re like a heater!

- Folks with an aversion to heat (not necessarily signs, but you don't like heat, so why add more?)

- Living in a very climate 

If you experience any of these indications of excess heat in the body, please skip using extra blankets, gowns, and heavy material on your body during your vaginal steam sessions. Again, with some excess heat in the body there is no need to add more. 

You might want to steam in a light robe, sundress, and if called and if your surroundings are warm enough, I invite you to steam in your lovely birthday suit.

If you you do not have any indications of excess heat, feel free to aid the vaginal steaming process by wrapping yourself in a beautiful cozy blanket or two (I hope to offer a special plant based one through Kitara soon!). In the meantime, just be sure to skip anything synthetic or plastic as you wouldn't want any of those chemicals to enter the body. 

Golden Rule of What to Wear While Vaginal Steaming: Honoring your choices and your comfort (which for me means slippers are a must). 

In Yoni Love,


Kit Murray Maloney Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner through Keli Garza Steamy Chick Founder of Kitara Love for beautiful and expertly crafted yoni steam products

Kit Murray Maloney

Founder & Certified Vaginal Steam Practitioner

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